Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani apologizes to Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Surya says that this marriage can’t happen. Agastya reminds him that the latter divorced Gehna and now she want to live with him. Surya tells him that he can’t live without Gehna. He adds that he can’t see Gehna getting married to someone else. Agastya tells him that it’s too late to realise this. He says that Surya has to regret for following Suhani’s instructions. Suhani says that Surya will follow her instructions now also. Surya says that he will listen Suhani but not in Gehna’s matter. Suhani goes inside.

Agastya tells Surya that the latter can’t stop this marriage. He pushes Surya. Riddhima tells Surya that this marriage will happen no matter what. Surya removes the bride’s veil and he gets shocked seeing Riddhima as bride. Seth family smiles.

Shreya tells Surya that Gehna left the house. Surya asks them that how can they let Gehna leave the house. Suhani brings Gehna there. She apologizes to Surya. He tells her that they are humans and made mistakes so she need not to apologize. She gives Gehna’s hand to Surya. He asks them that when they reunited and how it happened.

Gehna recalls that how Suhani met her when she was getting ready. Suhani tells Gehna that she can’t face Surya that’s why she came to her. She says that her children left her but after knowing the truth too Surya did not leave her. She pleads her to not leave Surya. Gehna asks her about those guys. Suhani reveals that they are jewellers. Gehna tells everything to Surya. Surya hugs Suhani.

Suhani’s guys brings jewels. Suhani says that she ordered these for Gehna. Gehna tells Surya that except him everyone knows that they are getting married today. And it’s Urmila’s plan. Dadi says that they knows that Surya will get jealous seeing Gehna with Agastya.

Gehna says that Agastya’s family helped them. Agastya says that he was just helping his friend. He recalls that how he said to Riddhima that she is his choice and proposed her for marriage. Riddhima tells Surya that she was lucky that Agastya understood her love. Surya says that they fooled him.

Suhani takes Surya to Urmila. She apologizes to her. She returns Surya to her. Surya apologizes to Urmila. Urmila tells him that she is proud of him. Suhani decides to leave the house. But Surya stops her and says that he want both Suhani and Urmila. He hugs them. After some time, Surya comes downstairs in groom attire. Arjun returns. Sarika gets happy seeing him. He hugs everyone. Gehna says that this is a story of maid who dreamt to become a lawyer.

She adds that everyone can reach their goal like her. She sits beside Surya in the marriage mandap. Suhani performs ‘gathbandhan’ ritual. Gehna and Surya completes the ‘pheres’. He fills her forehead with vermilion. He ties nupital chain around her neck. They takes elders blessings. Gehna erases the partition line. Suhani gives the locker key to Gehna. Seth family clicks family photo.

The End.

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