Saavi Ki Savaari 11th November 2022 Written Update: Dimpy takes an advantage of Saavi’s mistake


Saavi Ki Savaari 11th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Dimpy enters Dadi’s room saying that she brought her medicine. Dadi taunts her for coming to the room after long time. Dimpy tells her that she can do many things but no one gives her chance. She says that Vedika trust Saavi so much but Saavi failed to fulfill her responsibility. Dadi asks her that what happened. Dimpy tells her that Saavi left the house without making lunch. Dadi says that Vedika should not have given kitchen duty to Saavi.

On the other hand, Saavi tells Nutan that she is going to Nityam’s office with his lunch. She asks her to send Ananya to Dalmia house with another lunch box. Vedika calls Saavi and asks her that why lunch did not reach Nityam’s office yet. Saavi tells her that she came out for an important work but she cooked in Goyal house so she is going to Nityam’s office to give lunch to Nityam.

Sonam calls Dimpy and tells her that Saavi cooked in Goyal house for Dalmias. She informs her that Ananya coming there to give lunch box.

Vedika tells Saavi that the latter disappointed her. Saavi tells her that she will make sure that Nityam eats lunch. She decides to leave for Nityam’s office in her auto. Neighborhood lady scolds Saavi for driving an auto without caring about Dalmias image. Saavi hides her auto name plate and she ties scarf on her face and leaves from there.

Dimpy gets lunch box from Ananya. She orders servant to give the food to beggars. Himesh brings food from hotel. He asks Dimpy that why she wanted homemade taste food. She tells him that she made this food for other family members. She says that she is going to take advantage of Saavi’s mistake. Nityam asks Kiran to bring lunch box. He learns that Saavi bringing lunch for him.

Dadi tells Vedika that Saavi care about Goyal family than Dalmias. She says that she know Saavi don’t deserve to become the daughter in law of their family. Dada tells her that Saavi is young so Saavi will understand everything with time. He says that Saavi is not irresponsible. She tells him that here they are hungry and there Nityam is hungry. Vedika informs her that Saavi made lunch in Goyal house for Nityam. Dadi asks her that what are they going to eat. Dimpy tells them that she made lunch. Dadi praises her.

Saavi enters Nityam’s cabin. Nityam tells her that his lunch time is over so she can return. She tells him that she won’t leave until he eats lunch. He says that he has meeting in 9 minutes. She keeps the food on the table. She convinces him to eat lunch. She clicks his photo of eating lunch and she sends it to Vedika. He likes the taste of the food and eats a lot. Vedika gets happy seeing the photo. She shows the photo to Dalmias. Dadi says that Saavi did not think about them.

Episode ends.

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