Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2023 Written Update: Saavi forgives Sonam

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonam hope that Raghu don’t take her name. Doctor tells Nityam that Saavi is bleeding a lot so they have to do premature delivery. She says that they don’t have time to go to hospital. Nityam asks her to save both Saavi and baby. Sonam wonders that what if Raghu reveals the truth to police. In the police station, Police inspector beat Raghu up. Raksham asks police inspector to not stop until Raghu takes the culprit name.

Nityam cries hugging Vedika. Devraj consoles Nityam. Ratna asks Sonam to tell the truth. Raksham comes there. Ratna asks him that if goon took anyone’s name. Raksham says that Sonam will tell the truth. He asks her that how goon know today baby shower ceremony is happening in their house. Sonam accepts that she hired a goon. Nutan tells Sonam that the latter crossed all the limits. She says that she is ashamed to call Sonam as her daughter.

Ratna says that she is big culprit. She reveals that Sonam is behind garage attack. Vedika says that she never talked about Sonam’s jealousy. She asks Sonam that what the latter got by doing all this. Sonam says that she know she won’t get forgiveness. Raksham says that he never saw a person like Sonam. Devraj and Himesh also scolds Sonam.

Nityam tells Sonam that he will forget she is Saavi’s sister if anything happened to Saavi and baby then. Raksham says that Sonam deserves to stay in the police station. They hears baby crying noise. Doctor tells Nityam that Saavi gave birth to baby girl. Nityam asks her about Saavi. She tells him that Saavi is fine. And says that they can meet both Saavi and baby. Sonam thanks God for saving Saavi and baby. She apologizes to Saavi in her mind. And she calls someone.

Vedika gives the baby to Nityam. Nityam says that baby is so small. Nutan asks Saavi that if the latter is fine. Saavi nods at her. Raksham takes the baby from Nityam. Everyone takes the baby. Saavi asks Raksham about Sonam. Raksham asks her to not take Sonam’s name. She tells him that she know Sonam hired goon to attack her. Ratna asks her that why the latter saved Sonam when she know the truth.

Sonam hears this. She apologizes to Saavi. Saavi tells her that the latter is her sister and she can’t let her sister die. Sonam says that she don’t deserve forgiveness. She adds that she deserves punishment for her wrongdoings. Police comes there. Sonam says that she called the police. Saavi says that she don’t want to file a case. Police leaves from there.

Few days later

Dalmias celebrates baby’s naming ceremony. Raksham says that Sonam arranged everything. They name the baby as Savithya. They goes for ride in Chatriprasad.

Show ends.

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