Saavi Ki Savaari 4th October 2022 Written Update: Saavi learns about Sonam’s sacrifice


Saavi Ki Savaari 4th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sonam goes to meet Shivam. Saavi tells her that she want to talk to her. Sonam tells her that she is getting late and she will talk to her later and leaves from there. Vedika asks Sonam’s birth details from Saavi. Saavi tells her that she knows her family members birth details. Vedika asks her to give Sonam’s birth details to Maha Pandit ji. Saavi nods at her and leaves from there.

Sonam goes to back side of the resort. She gets shocked seeing Shivam there. She asks him to listen her. Shivam tells her that she lied to him always. He says that he lost many relations in his life and he won’t lose her.

Saavi goes to Maha Pandit ji. She takes his blessings. She gives Sonam birth details to him. Maha Pandit ji gets shocked seeing that. He tells her that Nityam’s horoscope don’t match with Sonam’s horoscope so this marriage can’t happen. She gets shocked hearing him. She tells him that she will talk to her family about it and leaves from there. She wonders that whom she should talk to.

Shivam asks Sonam to call her cousin. Sonam tells him that her cousin is bride and she is getting ready right now. He tells her that if she won’t call her then he will go inside to meet her. She tells him that she will call her. She goes aside and pretends like calling her cousin. Saavi wonders that why Sonam’s horoscope is not matching with Nityam’s horoscope.

Sonam lies to Shivam that her cousin is not picking the call. Shivam takes the gun out. He asks her to stop lying. She accepts that she is getting married today with successful businessman. He asks her that why she is hurting him like this. He tells her that she loved him then what’s all this. Saavi comes there. She wonders that what’s happening there. She realises that, that video is not fake.

Sonam tells Shivam that she loved him. She talks about the struggles she faced in her life. She says that her family sacrificed so much for her. She tells him that she agreed to marry a rich guy for her family. She says that she is ready to sacrifice her love for her family. She tells him that he is priceless. She says that for groom this marriage is just an event. She tells him that her sister sacrificed her life for her education. She says that it’s her responsibility to take care of her family.

Saavi thinks that Sonam sacrificing her love for family. Shivam gets shocked seeing Saavi there. Saavi tells Sonam that she heard everything. Sonam thinks that she lied to handle Shivam. Shivam thanks Saavi for helping him to get out of jail. Saavi asks Sonam that if the latter love Shivam still. Sonam says that she will get married today even though she don’t love the groom. Shivam tries to take Sonam from there. Saavi stops him and asks him to calm down. She says that they can’t take any decision in hurry. She tells him that their wrong decision will hurt everyone. He tells her that he trust her. He asks her to promise to stop this marriage. She promises to try her best to stop this marriage.

Episode ends.

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