Saavi Ki Sawaari 31st October 2022 Written Update: Sonam becomes Nityam’s friend  


Saavi Ki Savaari 31st October 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Saavi tells Sonam that she was happy in her small world but everything ruined now and cries. Sonam places a kiss on her forehead. She apologizes to her. She tells her that she never thought it will turn out like this. Saavi tells her that she know it’s destiny game. Sonam hugs her. She thinks that she will write her destiny. 

Nutan learns that Nityam coming to take Saavi back and she tells about it to her family. Ratna tells her that Nityam will get to know that today is Sonam’s birthday if he came then. Sonam says that Nityam will get to know about her actions too. Nutan says that Dalmias deserves to know the truth. Ratna tells her that it will affect Saavi only. Nutan tells Saavi that Brijesh don’t know anything and he is excited to celebrate Sonam’s birthday. Saavi tells her that she will talk to Brijesh and goes inside. She tells Brijesh that Sonam don’t want to celebrate her birthday this year. She informs him that Nityam coming today. She tastes his halwa and praises it. 

Nityam reaches Goyal house. Saavi tells him that she will bring her bag. Nutan asks her to invite Nityam inside the house. Saavi tells her that Nityam must have an important meeting so they should leave. He enters the house and asks for tea. Everyone gets shocked hearing him. Ananya says that she will make tea because she learnt about his favourite tea from Thasu and goes inside. 

Saavi tells Nityam that he is behaving weird today and goes to get her bag. Nityam asks Goyal family that why they looks surprised. Nutan says that according to ritual Nityam has to spend the night there. She says that their house is so small so they can’t ask him to stay. He tells her that this house is not small. He says that he will spend the night there. Ananya gives tea to him. 

Saavi comes there with her bag. Goyal family tells her that Nityam going to spend the night there. Saavi gets shocked hearing them. Nityam learns about their money issues. Sonam comes there and greets him. He says that he is hungry. Nutan goes to kitchen to make food. 

Later, Saavi tells Nityam that he did not park his car well.  She tells him that she can help him. He tells her that he can do it. He struggles to park his car in small space and she helps him. She tells him that he ate in her house and staying in her house. She says that she is confused with his behaviour. He tells her that he had problem with her only. He asks her that where he should sleep. She tells him that he can sleep on the terrace. 

Sonam takes the bedsheet and pillows from Saavi. She goes to terrace and arranges it. She tells Nityam that he gets awkward whenever she comes before him. She says that their ideas are same about life so they should stay as friends. He agrees with her. Nutan overhears their conversation. Sonam comes downstairs. Nutan tells her that she heard everything. Sonam wonders that if Nutan got to know about her intention. 

Episode ends. 

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