Sanjivani 12th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 12th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with NV requesting Ishaani to light the holika dahan with him Ishaani states she needs to talk something with him. NV says he understands what she needs to say and she will get it now. Bebe too urges her to light the flame and she does. She retains NV’s hand and starts walking around the flame. She tries her love but nothing can be heard as a result of the noise of beats. She then shouts that she would like to say something. Everybody stops and wonders what she is upto.

Before Ishaan could say something NV claims he understands what she wants. He says he has already signed the divorce documents in accordance with their bargain and asks her not to worry. Everybody gets shocked hearing it and also the most shocked is Ishaani. Before she could say something Sid faints. Everyone rushes to him to take him to hospital while Ishaani’s aunt and uncle smirks recalling feeding him drugged candy.

At the hospital Ishaani wonders if she wants to perform Sid’s MRI once more. Sid wakes up and attempts saying something to Ishaani Uncle and Aunt interrupts and makes him very. Ishaani leaves and they decides to keep an eye on Sid from outside. Bittu asks if she will leave the home to Ishaani. Ishaani states that she is not going anyplace leaving them this home. She decides to put some sense into NV by showing her love for him. She decides not to let him go.

Bittu gets happy hearing it. Uncle and Aunt hears Sid and Rahil’s talk where Rahil states Sid that somebody has blended drugs in his food revealing his evaluation reports. They realize that somebody is still plotting against Sid and Ishaani and decides to reveal the truth to Ishaani whenever possible. They plan something against Sid. Aunt comes there pretending to encourage Sid. She invites him for holi celebration in NV’s House to acknowledge his feelings for Ishaani and he gets happy.

Ishaani. Wishes Bebe and Bittu for holi and goes to colour NV. She asks NV to colour her first and he chooses the powder. But before he can color her he hears Sid title and quits. They go out to find Sid and Rahil compliments everyone. Sid thankfully colors Ishaani before she could respond and NV leaves mad Ishaani runs after him scolding Sid for coloring her. Bebe and Bittu also goes in search of her. NV throws away the powder while Ishaani remains searching NV. Aunt comes there and is located to Sid to fulfill Ishaani supporting dharmshala as Ishaani consented to meet him. Ge goes excited while Aunt says that the imitation goons and authorities are awaiting him.

Bittu calls NV and states about Ishaani does not wish to give him divorce and V becomes happy hearing it. He goes in search of Ishaani. Sid finds a few goons kidnapping Ishaani and runs to prevent them. However the goons blame Sid for requesting them to kidnap Ishaani shocking Sid. NV and everybody comes there and NV once more threatens the goons to disclose the truth but they state it’s Sid who hired them. Uncle brings fake authorities with him to detain Sid and Rahil. Sud tries describing Ishaani but she turns deaf ears and blames him for kidnapping her. The goons run away while Police arrests Rahil and Sid.