Sanjivani 2 28th February : SID GETS A SHOCKING REALITY CHECK

sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
sanjivani upcoming story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Sanjivani 2 28th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with NV coming to Ishaani and states he’s unaware of it. Ishaani asks him to let her perform a operation and in return she will take part in the anniversary celebration. NV disagrees but Ishaani stands adamant. NV removes his top button and asks her to sew it with no hand touching.

Ishaani hesitates and NV states she can not do it and asks her to practise well. Ishaani stops him stitches his button but fails inside. NV asks her to understand that it is not as easy as she thinks and asks her to keep practicing. All of a sudden Sid enters startling them.

Ishaani sees the NavIsha mug and instantly pushes it down and it breaks into pieces. NV gets heartbroken seeing it. Sid asks what is written in the mug and asks if it is written SidIsha. He’s about to test it when Rahil comes there and takes him for therapy regardless of Sid’s attempts. NV takes the broken bits and leaves. Ishaani sighs in relief that Sid did not hear anything.

Bittu provides her second surprise ti NV and Ishaani that’s a really cool bike. Both feels awkward and NV states they can not ride it today. Bittu asks them atleast to click few pictures and Bebe agrees with her. She pushes them together and NV retains Ishaani. At the time Sid comes there and they gets stunned. He compliments the bicycle and Bittu states that it is for her brother NV and his spouse. Bebe takes her in before she blurts out more. Sid asks NV Where is his wife and he says quite far.

Sid asks NV to click his images with Ishaani using the bicycle as Rahil is terrible at clicking photographs. NV controls himself and takes image of an extremely close Sid and Ishaani with the bicycle.
Bittu gives her next surprise and asks Ishaani and NV to cut their anniversary cake. Sid is on his way to provide

Ishaani his suggestion card. Rahil gets shocked understanding it and rushes to stop him. Ishaani asks NV to grant her wish and she will cut the cake but NV stands adamant. Bebe and Bittu induce them to cut the cake and NV and Ishaani blows the candle. Sid sees it and gets shocked. He faces NV and Ishaani for keeping him in dark constantly. He taunts Ishaani for not waiting for him and says if he is im her place then he would have definitely waited for her. He faces NV for backstabbers also and states that he trusted him a lot.

NV and Ishaani tries describing him Sid is furious. He asks them to get lost but sees the cake and asks them to move with the cake cutting. He cuts the cake and eats it needing them happy anniversary. He throws away the cake in anger.