SANJIVANI 7th February : Rishab accuses Ishaani for his own mistake

SANJIVANI 7th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ishaani standing startled at ot while Rishab urges her to help him as the operation isn’t feasible without a physician’s assistance. He sees blood coming from his ears and asks dit her aid but Ishaani remains unmoved.

He begs her to help him but Ishaani states that she can not do it as something could go wrong for sure. Rishab asks her to follow his instructions and promises that nothing wrong will happen. He sees blood coming from his nose and has to sterilise his mind. He asks for drill and Ishaani gives it with a shivering hands followed by knife.

Ishaani’s hand receives a stuck and Roshan gets irked seeing her raising his trouble. He asks her to give 20 ml injection and Ishaani gives it and goes to wash Sid’s wound. Rishab makes it 30ml and injects it. Sid begins getting attack and Roshan realizes he’s to blame. He is worried for his livelihood and wonders what to do. Rahil and Nurse Philo are in their own way and Rahil worries for Sid.

He believes that if anybody gets to know that it’s due to him the error occurred then it will be a black mark in his profession. He believes to blame it on Ishaani and yells at her for giving 30ml shot rather than 20. Ishaani gets shocked and says that she is sure she 20ml.

Rishab sets the bottle in her jacket to make her feel and asks her to test her pocket. Ishaani gets shocked seeing 30ml less bottle and wonders how it occurred. She gets confused while Rishab yells st her for her carelessness.

Rahil comes there and asks what happened and Rishab explains exactly the same. Rahil gets angry at Ishaani while Rishab stabilizes Sid. NV comes there and has shocked hearing the accusations on Ishaani. Rahil badmouths Ishaani but NV closes him and asks Ishaani if it is true that she made the error.

Ishaani states that she is not sure as she do not recall giving it wrong. NV asks Ishaani to quit while Rishab queries NV about allowing Ishaani go after the enormous mistake. NV claims that ge trusts Ishaani farther furiating Rahil. Soon everybody leaves while Ishaani gets amazed seeing NV’s blind trust on her.

Rahil and Rishab gets annoyed while NV invites everyone for dinner tonight in his dwelling. Rahil gets angry hearing it and asks if he would like to celebrate Sid’s condition due to his wife. He says he won’t come where his wife is there. NV says he’s not inviting but purchasing them and asks them to come.

Rahil gets more irked while fellow physicians asks him to follow NV’s directions as he is the head. NV has plans for the dinner.

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