Sanjog Upcoming Story: Amrita to take a stand for Gauri and Chanda!


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The gripping storyline of Zee Tv’s popular daily soap Sanjog, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences. Previously, Rajeev accused Amrita for having an affair while she clarified it to him.

Whereas, Tara denied to stay without Chanda and becomes rebellious. Gauri planned a way to enter Kothari mansion and got successful in her plan. Meanwhile, Rajeev got impatient to meet Rakshita.

In the current track, Gauri along with Chanda enters Kotharis house while Amrita and Tara helps them to place the God’s idol inside the temple. Gopal also gets relieved seeing Gauri and Chanda safe inside the house for 9 days. Whereas, Gauri prays to stay there for lifetime.

Here, Ranjini gets offended after seeing Gauri and her daughter. She discuss it with Rajeshwari while she replies that the decision is taken by Rajeev, so she can’t say anything against it. Meanwhile, Tara gets happy to have Chanda and proclaims that she will teach a lesson to all her bullies.

Ranjini manipulates Rajeev against Gauri and ask him to interrogate about themselves. He starts questioning them along with Rajeshwari while Gauri lies to them about her family and names.

Ahead, Gauri gets offended by their question and was about to leave but Tara stopped them. Amrita also shows her trust towards them and ask Rajeev to stop his interrogation. Whereas, Chanda and Gauri gets new clothes to change.

Kotharis performs the puna and welcomes the guests in their house, while Chanda and Tara stops the crown of Goddess idol to fall. Everyone gets relieved seeing it, while Ranjini intentionally pushes Chanda from the ladder.

Later, Chanda was about to fall down when Gauri and Amrita notices it and rushes to save the latter. Amrita somehow saves her from getting hurt, while others gets relieved. She also notices the birthmark of Chanda and becomes emotional concluding that the latter is her real daughter.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will go to the sage and happily tells him that his prediction turns out to be true. She will then recall meeting Gauri and her family. She will also get flashback of giving birth along with Gauri and gets shocked.

Will Amrita find about the truth?

Will Rajeev again start his affair with Rakshita?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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