Sanjog Upcoming Story: Will Gauri’s plan work?


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Zee Tv’s popular daily soap “Sanjog” have garnered a huge amount of audience. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging to the viewers. Previously, Gopal and his family visited Kotharis mansion, while Gauri gets mesmerised after seeing Amrita.

Whereas, Tara and Chanda befriended one another and introduced their mothers to each other. Ranjini manipulated Rajeev against Amrita and makes him believed that she is having an affair.

In the current track, Gopal makes his family understand that they have to stay away from one another for sometime, in order to save themselves from the police. Chanda gets concerned for him while he assures her that soon they will get back together.

Here, Gauri gets a plan to enter Amrita’s house for some days. She manipulates Chanda and makes her agree to do it. Whereas, Rajeev behaves rudely with Amrita and ask her to pick the call from her lover. She gets annoyed by him and puts the call on speaker.

Rajeev gets shocked after hearing Rakshita’s voice and apologizes to Amrita for doubting her. Soon she also forgives him and states that he wasn’t at fault. Whereas, he gets into dilemma thinking about whether to choose Tara or Rakshita.

Ahead, Amrita performs the Puja and Chanda reminds Gauri about their plan. The latter goes inside Amrita’s house and tells that Chanda won’t be able to come, as they have placed goddess in their house.

Tara starts rebelling and insists to go to Chanda’s house. Rajeshwari denies her request and proclaims that she won’t allow her to go there. Amrita comes up with an idea and ask Gauri to place their goddess in their house.

Later, Gauri smirks as her plan gets successful and goes back to Chanda. She tells the news to her and takes their goddess to go to Amrita’s mansion ut suddenly the rain starts pouring heavily.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kotharis will start interrogating Chanda and Gauri. Rajeev will come forward and questions Gauri about her name. She will lie that her name is Meenakshi and she is from Bundelkhand.

Rajeshwari will face Gauri and questions about the exact place in Bundelkhand, to which she will reply Jhansi. Ranjini will ask about Chanda’s father, to which Gauri will answer that he is working to earn money for them.

Ranjini will ask about his name, to which Gauri will reply Gaurav, while Chanda will reply Gopal. Kotharis will get shocked and looks at them, while Gauri will get nervous.

Will Gauri be able to fulfill her dream?

Will Alok be able to recognize Gauri?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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