Sasural Genda Phool 2 15th April 2022 Written Update: Kashyaps accepts Titlee


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The episode starts with Alok, He consoles Ishaan that nothing will happen to Titlee. Indar suggests him to drink coffee he can feel relieve. He leaves from there. Doctor informs to Rano that Titlee crossed the danger situation. Eilesh about to inform Ishaan about it but Rano stops her and tells him that she wanna apologize to her first. Later Rani worries about Titlee’s condition. She shares her grief to Shailaja. Ambarnath comes there and demand Shailaja to say the truth to him. She reveals to him that Titlee got shot.

Meanwhile Rano enters into ICU and caress Titlee’s cheek. She breaks down in front of her. She says that she is not deserved to get her fogginess too. She was blind in her selfishness. She was considered of her son happiness only and failed to see her struggles. She pleads with her to forgive her. She won’t get a daughter in law better than her. Because she got shot for Ishaan. She pleads with her to forget the wrong things she done to her. She assures to her that she won’t repeat it. She broke her promise and she is happy to see her being with Ishaan.
Ishaan gets emotional to hear it.

Shailaja informs to her in laws Titlee is fine and they will be back in few minutes. Rano falls on her Shailaja’s feet and apologies to her. Gayathri consoles her. Rano adds that she has no idea why did she done this all? She was blind and behaved like fool there. Shailaja consoles her. She tells her let’s arrange everything to welcome home. Meanwhile Ishaan gets ready to go to hospital.

Family members gives the things to him which need for Titlee. After Ishaan leaves Rano shares to them that Titlee gonna return home tomorrow. She adds that she didn’t welcome her properly last time because of her mistake but she wanna change it this time. She narrated to them what to do for Grahapravesh. later Ishaan removes all the photos of Suhana and talks with her emotionally. She says that no one can snatch her place in his heart because she is his first love.

Titlee is also his love but she has another place in his heart. Shailaja comes there and takes Suhana’s picture. She shares to him that she is well aware Titlee and Ishaan’s jodi fixed in heaven. They are gonna marry together. Ishaan asks to her in disbelief? She adds that she fulfilled the promise of Suhana today. Next day Ishaan brings Titlee to home. Kashyaps are waiting to welcome them in home. Rano places rice pot there and shares to Titlee that she didn’t welcome her properly last time. So she wanna change her mistake and welcome her without any problems this time. Kashyaps welcome them happily with all rituals. In First night Ishaan gives medicine to Titlee. She shares her happiness to him.

Ishika and Meethi surprises them by coming out of their bed. They are teasing Ishaan and Titlee there. Later Titlee noticed Avni there she apologized to her for breaking her heart and replace her place. Avni consoles her and opens up with her that she was hurt too but she is normal now. She shares to her that she gonna use the second chance in her life.

She gonna unite with her ex. Husband. Titlee hugs her and concentrated her. Meanwhile Kashyaps are taking their breakfast together. Ishika asks Ishaan to feed her. Rano shares her love to Titlee. Jagdeesh comes there and gives his blessings to them and apologies to them for his deeds. He shares his happiness to them and thank them for accepting his daughter in Kashyaps. They shares to him he is also a part of this family. They have family time.

Episode end.

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