Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th June 2022 Written Update: Simar starts the Petha business again.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aarav and Simar are walking in the street. Aarav says to Simar how she handle all the situation with the utmost ethics and morality? Aarav says he falls in with her for her honesty. Aarav says Simar has done a great job with her gentle attitude, she has done something for others, that’s what makes Aarav respectful to Simar.

Vivaan says Chitra all the properties are snatched by Chitra which are belonged to Badima in real. Gajendra forbades him to talk like in that way with his mother. Gajendra says to the lawyer he doesn’t want to put any case against his brother. Chitra says they are not doing anything for their kindness. Vivaan is asked to go outside. Giriraj is forced to go outside by Chitra.

Aarav and Simar are walking in the street. Pointing out a shop, Aarav says it was belonged to once to themselves. He says how happy were all when it was inaugurated. Now it doesn’t belong to them. Giriraj snatched him. Suddenly a customer comes and accused to Aarav that now a days how much nasty and inedible Petha is sold in this shop. Young generation of Oswal family has destroyed the fame of the Oswal name of Geetanjali’s struggled to earn. He continues to rebuke them. He throws down the packet of Petha. After gaining the fame, oswaal family forgets to please the customers. Simar seeks the forgiveness for his loss. Simar returns his money. She says sorry, this will not happen again. This business is the everything for Badima.

Simar picked up the fallen Petha and goes to home. Aarav asks Simar why did she confirm that this would be not happen again. Simar says, she has a idea. Simar calls Vivan to seek the help from Vivaan’s friend who has printing press. They returned home. Reema says Vivan has gone to his friend’s press house. Simar asks Aarav to call everyone in the centre hall. Vivaan comes. Badima asks why they are called. Vivaan shows them the hoding of their Asli Maa Durga Petha Bhander. Evils got shocked. Simar says to Badima this is your new and real shop of the Petha. Chitra says what is this drama. Vivan says this is a new start. Aarav says evil can snatch the wealth, not the confidence and consistency. Simar says to Badima that the reputation of the shop has lost without her. Simar instigate her to start the business. Simar asks to everyone to restart the business. Vivaan says Giriraj will be the CEO and Aarav and Simar will manage the sells.

Vivaan says Vivaan and Reema will manage the branding and marketing. Badima will become chair person of the business. Simar seeks the ashirbad of Badima. Badima says all the blessings are with the young generation. Badima recalls the memory of the reputation of their Petha. Simar says we need the old recipe. Badima says it will be difficult to set up the new business in this competitive market. Everyone asks her to restart. Badima doubts her effort about recipe. Simar asks her to find the recipe. Badima agrees. Everyone is happy. Chitra heard the conversation from aside. Chitra says to Giriraj Badima should not get the recipe. Otherwise Badima will make better Petha than them.

Badima starts to make Petha. Everyone tastes the Petha. But it is not so good. Badima becomes upset. She becomes doubtful about herself, she starts to lose her confidence. Simar becomes upset. Simar comfirms Badima she will can do that. Everyone gives her the confidence. Sandhya said Badima was called as Annapurna and Sandhya kept all those special utensils like weapons. Shandhya shows the Oswal family an old apron of Badima, wearing which Badima once had fought proverty. Simar seeks for the apron to Shandhya and found the old picture of Badimaa. Everyone find the old picture of Badima a stanning one. Sandhya mentioned that all Agra used to said Badima had magic in her hand. But Badima denies. She said she had lost her magic of petha making. Badima says that may be the lost magic of her hand could be rediscovered with the hands of Shandhya, Simar or Reema and she announces that one who will be able to made the same petha as her she will award her with the apron.

Meanwhile , Giriraj finds ,Chitra is tring to steal Badi maa’s secret recipe of petha making. Because already customers are complaining that their quality of Petha has reduced. After Badima leaving the business, it is not going that well. Badima asks every male member of the family to help their wives. Everyone agrees with her.

In the next scene every couple of the family is in the kitchen trying to make petha. Simar helps Reema giving her the ingredients list of hers. Reema gives the list to Vivaan, and say she will be in kitchen shortly again. Simar says to Aarav that they will crack the recipe of Badima. After sometimes Vivaan, finds Reema is taking rest. Vivaan asks Rimaa why she don’t like kitchen work. Reema says that because she wants to be a super model instead of Annapurna and Vivaan happily leavez for the kitchen again. After completing their task of petha making, everyone serve their petha to Badima.

At first , tasting Reema’s petha Badima remarks that it’s texture is good but the sweetness is not well balanced. Then she tastes the Petha of Sandhya, it tastes good but she forgets to give cardamom. Then Badima tastes Simar’s petha, it tastes delicious, everything is okay, but Badima says this is not our recipe. She becomes upset again. The taste of Kesar is not there. She wants to close the idea of the new start. If the taste can’t be regain, then there is no meaning for a new start. Episode ends with Simar says Petha are imperfect like them so we can transform all the imperfections to the perfectness if they collaborate together.

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