Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th March 2023 Written Update: Nagini climbs up in the of Aarav


Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the joint prayer to Matarani. Aditi and Reema suddenly notices see that many snakes are coming towards their home. They all tremble seeing that scene. They can’t understand what to do.

Suddenly, Badima thinks that snakes afraids of fire. She asks them to hold the lamps in their hands. Here, Aarav and Simar comfort each other. There is also a snake in the room, which they don’t notice. When Simar tries to see that, it hides itself under a cupboard.

Vivaan, Gajendra Aditi holds the lamps infront of the snakes. Then Badima and Aditi are attacked by those two snake, but after few moments they come down from their body listening a bin playing. A giant like man, Babaji plays the instrument and instructs the snake to the way of the forest. Badima and her family thanks Matarani.

Here, in the night, Simar looks tensed about something unknown, but she offers him a cup of coffee. Seeing her tensed Aarav asks whether she has anything to say, then Simar simplifies that as she has been suffering from a long stromy weather in their family, she is feeling tired. Simar bows down her head on his chest and wishes for the best days. The Nagini still watches them hiding themselves.

But again, Simar notices something odd in the almirah, but when she opens it, there was nothing. Simar can’t get over form her dilemma. She feels there was something. In the morning, when Simar and Aarav wakes up, they both notice that a royal snake has climbed up in their bed. When Aarav attacks Nagini, it twists his body fully.

Here, the Babaji feels that snake didn’t leave their house, its shadow didn’t spare this house. His ominous prophecy make them more furious. Aditi then doubts whether they will die soon. Badima directly asks Babaji whether there is any solution and tells him all the recent incidents. The Babaji, through meditation, tries to know the truth.

Then he says that Nagin will attack another one of their family. Here, Simar is totally bamboozled how would she save her husband. When Aarav asks Simar to leave, she is reluctant to go. The snake also tries to bite Simar but then Simar attacks her with the pillow and it runs. Aarav hugs Simar with love.

Simar decides to return home, but Aarav reminds her that there is meeting. Here, Simar tells him she couldn’t bear the pain of separating and feels more emotional. Aarav agrees to go. When they leave with car, the snake enters in their car invisibly. Here, the Babaji tells that the snake will definitely return to take revenge for its injured love.

But it’s impossible to assume how would it attack them. Badima becomes confounded listening his prophecy. Here, the car of Aarav has stopped in the midst of the road. Then they suddenly listens, someone is screaming for help. Babaji asks Badima to organise a Hawan for their blessing.
Episode ends.

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