Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2022 Written Update: The Girls team wins the match

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with, Vivaan  trying to hit a sixer, and Laboni changes the direction of the ball in air towards Simar but Aarav manages to save Simar from the ball. Everyone accuses Vivaan for injuring the opponent. But Simar stops the argument and they continue to play. Simar comes home alone for first aid and finds that the lamp near Matarani is running out of ghee. On the other side Laboni comes to Geet to harm her. As Simar tries to pour ghee on the lamp, Geet starts cring out of fear and she drops the ghee on the floor accidentally.

Simar turns around to go to Geet but falls on the floor because of the slimy ghee on the floor. She screams Aarav’s name for help, but everyone is busy playing and no one hears her. Then Simar manages to stand again and run towards Geet. She finds Geet absolutely fine and promise her not to leave her alone again. She takes her on her lap and leaves the room to get back to the match.

The match is running very well. Badima announces one forty score of the Male team. She asks Reema and Aditi for  batting. Shandhya and Chitra looks very unhappy for being out. Gajendra and Giriraj cheers up them and ask them to hold the sportsman’s spirit. While leaving the room Simar feels like someone is keeping an eye on her. Aditi’s wicket also falls and Simar reaches the ground with the baby on her lap.

Simar starts to bat and does her best but Reema forgets to take the run. Badima announces that girl’s team needs 7 points to win. Now Vivaan begins to bowl and Reema holds the bat. When Reema hits the ball, it hangs over the air. Vivaan runs to catch the ball but then suddenly Reema winks at him. Vivaan fails to catch the ball. When he accuses Reema for her cheating, he fails to express what she did to him.

Badima asks to forward the game, performs very well as an umpire. Again when Aarav throws the ball, it goes to hit cheek of Simar, but somehow she saves herself. The tension between the two teams increases. Laboni enrages to see the carefulness of Aarav. Everyone requests Aarav to throw the ball cautiously. Now only the last ball is left to throw and everyone is ready to see result. Finally with the fall of Aarav, Simar hits the ball so strongly that the girl team wins. Every girl cheers for themselves and screams being extremely happy.

Aarav and others congratulate the girls. But the dispute between the two team continues. Reema and Vivaan continue their aggreement regarding the cheating and the rules. Badima greets everyone and asks to celebrate the winning. Everyone starts to dance with the rhythmic music.

Meanwhile, Aditi notices that Geet is not there in the baby chair. Someone unknown girl takes her away without taking the permission. Aditi laments over the incident and other girls also panick with the sudden abduction of the baby. Reyansh tries to pacify her, but Aditi’s lachrymose state breaks everyone’s heart. Chitra says that everyone tries his or her best to find Geet.
Sandhya also asks someone to call police station. Vivan and Riyansh also fail to reque her.

Suddenly Vivaan appears with the cctv footage. It clearly depicts that Aditi kept the baby in the swing chair, when the forwards footage they notices there is no footage left. Vivaan identifies that when Simar threw the ball strongly, it hit the cctv camera, so the rest was not recorded. Meanwhile, Aditi collapses being tensed and fears that if someone has kidnapped the baby. Simar consoles her by saying if someone tries to kidnap the baby, they would call her. As soon as, Simar tells this fact, the phone of Aditi rings. Aditi breaks down to receive the call.

Episode ends.

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