Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2021 Written Update: Simar brings Reema back home


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simar telling Gagan to go and take care of mom and dad they must be worrying. Simar gets Aarav messages, She calls him. He tells her where are you, you should text and inform me about what’s happening. Simar tellsbto Aarav that they got her father’s car and on its back seat they found Reema’s dupatta but they are unable to find her. Aarav ask whether she is alone, Simar tells him that she is with Gagan and is asking himbto go home and take care of his parents and he is not going. Aarav ask Simar ti send her location and tells to Gagan to go home. Gagan ask Simar and leaves with his father’s car.

Reema runs out of Devesh studio with rod in her hand. She gets out and looks for Gagan and Simar and thinks that they must have left. Aarav reaches to Simar and shouts at her why she didn’t informed him about her. She tells him that she knows that he worries for her but she can do anything to find her sister whether some one will help her or not.

Reema takes the evidence and tries to burn it. Chitra is trying to reach Devesh, but he is not picking her call. She gets worried whether he had ran away with the money or not. She thinks that she should put pressure on him, she texted him. Reema burns the camera photage too and thinks about what she has done. She then texts to Simar that she is sending her location, come and pick her up. Simar is talking to Gagan she tells him that she has received a text from Reema and she is going to pick her. Simar and Aarav comes to Reema’s location.

Reema is sitting lost infront of the fire. Simar comes, they both hugs each other. Simar tells her that everything will be fine now she have reached. Simar ask her that what had happened with her? Reema tells her not to ask anything. Reema ask Simar to take her home. Aarav ask Reema where she wants to go, Reema says to his Vivaan. Aarav warns Reema as she had hurt Vivaan, she tells to Aarav that it’s between husband and wife and still she is legally his wife.

Vivaan regrets living Reema. He tears all her photos and decides that now onward people will see his different personality. He will be a changed person and nobody could hurt him even Reema cannot touch his personality. Geetanjali Devi tells to Gajender that Ranaji has accepted their Aditi’s alliance and has send Shagun for her. She ask Gajender to handle his wife and daughter and ask Panditji to find a date soon for their engagement. She is happy that one of her grand daughter is getting married in their status. Geetanjali Devi calls Simar and Reema as bad omen on their house.

Vivaan comes to Geetanjali Devi and ask apology from her and tells her that why he had gone against her, he regretted all his behaviour towards Badi Ma. He cries and bends down to her, Badi Ma acceptes his apology and says that she always loved him. He promises to her that he will never again go against her, Badi Ma hugs him. Chitra hears their conversation and happy for Vivaan and tells that she always wanted this, she thinks that happy days are coming back.

Aarav reaches home, Simar holds Reema and brings her home. She tells her that as a wide today’s she is doing her real Grahprawesh. Simar makes her bath changes her dress. Reema thanks her for everything. Aarav thinks why this girl came back to his brothers life how he could stop all these. Reema thinks that she doesn’t have much time so whatever time is left after Devesh incident is for Vivaan. Vivaan on the other hand decides that he will no more belive on Reema’s lie and now onwards she doesn’t exist for him.

The end.

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