Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th March 2023 Written Update: Dubru is killed by the Nagin

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a transformation of Chandni into a apple. Her mother laments over her Chandni’s situation. Seeing Chandni in this situation, Simar waits for nazar. Here all the members try to search the apple in the garden. They try their best to find out Ganjendra. They don’t any stone unturned. Chitra fears whether the apple broke down. Giri forbids her to stop thinking bad. Vivaan suddenly gets a idea. Aarav prays to Matarani for the well being of his family and asks her to show a way out. He also asks to give him a indication of his father. Suddenly Vivaan notices a apple in the tree, when he jerks the tree, the apple falls down and it’s catched by Aarav. They all thank to God.

Badima feels exhausted. Here the mother of Chandni laments to Nazar and asks her to reform it to Chandni. The Nagin says she have to reverse the process to get back Chandni. Aarav asks Vivaan to keep the secret to themselves. Badima notices nagin what she is doing. Nagin says the reflection of her ring with reform the apple. Simar and Dubru wait for the process. Dubru is asked to do fast. Reema hides the apple in her hand. Dubru suddenly snatches the apple from the hand of Reema and keeps it under the reflection of light. Simar also stands infront of the light. Simar and Gajendra are both reformed as before they were. Aarav gets relaxed hugging Simar between his arms. They all they thank to God. Simar is hugged by all the other members. They all look happy but the evil gets very irritated seeing the family united.

The Nagin becomes confused and tensed seeing the Joker Dubru. Simar says that he has come here to help them. Badima is asked to beat Dubru by the Nagin. Badima proceeds towards Simar but she cuddles Simar. Seeing Geetanjali’s devi action the evils become more confused and irritated. Badima says they will win by their good will. To see the well being of Badima, everyone becomes more happy and more relaxed. Vivaan and Aarav remind the Nagin she has defeated. But the Nagin says she will not defeat. Simar reminds her that in this evil way she will not defeat. The Nagin creates a ray to harm them but Dubru attacks Chandni with his magical ray. Simar alerts Nazar to stop her evil action.

The Nagin is bounded by the snake of nazar, and he can’t apply his magic on himself. Simar becomes tensed. But finally Dubru releases himself from that captivation. To watch all these failures, the evil snake becomes more outrageous and again sprays a ray on the chest of Dubru. Simar asks her to spare him but he loses the sense. Simar and Aarav can’t do anything to save Dubru. Simar cries. Dubru gives her the jacket which will help Simar in the future. Dubru thanks Simar for helping him and he passes away. Seeing the deceased body, they become very upset. Suddenly a snake arrives there but Simar wears the jacket and drives away the snake. Simar now challenges the Nagin.

Precap: Nagin becomes very outrageous on Aarav as Simar rebukes her. The Nagin proceeds to press the throat of Aarav.

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