Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th March 2023 Written Update: Simar defeats the Nagin with the blessed trident

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the collision between Simar and the snake. Simar challenges Nazar that the evil couldn’t do any harm to their family. Simar says this is the unity of the family. Hearing the threating, nagin reminds her they snatched her husband. But Simar says that they didn’t kill her husband, but most importantly the nag tried to destroy the family intentionally, but killing nag was not intentional. The nagin becomes more outrageous. The Nagin says now she will snatch the husband of Simar, she proceeds to Aarav with her intimidating face, the Nagin says she will not spare Aarav definitely. She reforms in her dangerous form of snake and holds the throat of Aarav tightly. Chitra and Giriraj become injured in the midst of this collision. Simar throws the magical apple to Nazar, which does demolish the power of Nazar.

The Chandni and her mother decide to run from the situation leaving Nazar alone. Again the Nagin holds the throat of Aarav tightly. Aarav feels claustrophobic. Meanwhile, Simar notices the trident of matarani and runs towards it. Simar takes the blessed trident and proceeds to Nagin. She finally stabs the trident in the throat of Nagin. Nazar starts to lose all her evil power. Simar arrogantly stares at her. Aarav stands beside Simar. Nazar is too weak to stand up. Simar tells the power of the human through which they could win over anything and everything. Simar doesn’t harm or kill Nazar. But Nazar becomes a ordinary individual. Simar asks Nazar to leave the family. Nazar leaves their house. Vivaan closes the door.

Defeating the evils, they all look relieved and released. Badima utters most gratitude words to Simar. They all thank to ma durga. Aarav also acknowledges the tenacity of Simar. All the members cuddle each other. Here, Nagin feels very weal losing all her power but she says she will not spare this family. She will definitely come back to fulfill her revenge.

In the night, the Nagin to goes to the Nagdebota. She laments over her loss. She opens her heart. She also expresses her revengeful mind. She asks the aid from her almighty. She says she will dance furiously, untill the God will not return her the power. Here, Badima utters the grateful word. They all take the name of Ma Durga.

The nagin starts to dance to get back her power. She also mediates in her goal. Here, Badima and her family starts worshiping Matarani with the plate. Giriraj and Chitra also participate with her. In the other hand, the Nagin doesn’t stop her dancing. She powerfully showcases her power to God and finally loses all her sense. After few moments, she wakes up and feels exhausted. Getting her sense, the Nagin gets the power for 24 hours. She acknowledges the blessing of Nagdebota. The nagin then transforms herself in appearance of Simar.
Episode ends.

Precap: Aarav goes to her in laws house to meet Simar. Meanwhile, the disguised nagin appears Oswal to harm the Oswaal family again.

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