Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Simar and Geetanjali will perform a dance


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Colors TV’s popular show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now gearing up for more drama as Reema punishes Divesh and burns all the photos. Later Oswal family enjoy the holi festival. What will happen now? Will Aarav believe Simar?

In the previous episode we saw that Raj takes Geetanjali to Simar and says that Geetanjali should also feed sweets to Simar, it will make Gajendra happy. Geetanjali goes to Simar and asks her to eat sweets. Simar does not want to eat but she eats sweets for Geetanjali. Raj further asks Gajendra to make Simar drink thandai. Simar refuses but Gajendra asks her to drink the thandai from his hands. Simar gets intoxicated further. Here Aarav and Vivaan also drink cannabis-based Thandai. Vivav and Aarav start laughing seeing each other. Vivaan asks Aarav why he seems so upset these days.

He asks him to laugh. Aarav says that he cannot laugh because of Simar’s antics. Vivaan asks why. Aarav says that Simar always bothers him. While Vivaan tells him that he should go and tell Simar that he loves her very much. Aarav refuses. Vivaan forces him to do so. Aarav asks him to eat sweets to distract him. Vivaan says that he does not want to eat sweets. He wants Aarav to propose Simar. Later Aarav goes to Simar and both of them spend some quality time.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Simar and Aarav will dance. Geetanjali will stop them and say that she will show them how to dance. Then she will start dancing. Later Geetanjali will praise Simar and will say that she is so good.

What will happen next? Will Chitra be successful in her plan?