Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story: Simar to blame Raj


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Colors TV’s popular show Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now gearing up for more drama as Simar wants to pursue her dream. While Aarav promises Geetanjali that he won’t let Simar sing till she is here. What will happen now? Will Simar forgive Aarav?

In the previous episode, we saw that Reema asks Divesh why is he troubling her. He tells her that she had tried to kill him but still left behind all the evidence. He shows her some photos of her. Seeing whom Reema gets shocked. She angrily says that she will not let him ruin her life. Divesh says that she cannot harm him. Just then Simar comes there and is stunned to see them. Reema says that Divesh is trying to trap her. Divesh tells that his career got ruined because of Reema and Vivaan and now he wants them to get back his lost fame.

Simar gets angry and tells that girls are not able to fulfil their dreams because of boys like him. She says that if he tries to do something wrong to Reema, she will not leave him and he will regret it. Reema gets emotional hearing this. She holds Simar’s hand. Divesh says that he did not come to take revenge from them but Oswal family has forced him to do all this.

Simar says that he is lying. Divesh swears that whatever he is doing, Chitra gave him five lakh rupees to do all this. Simar gets shocked hearing this. Divesh says that Raj is with Chitra too. Simar says Chitra cannot do all this. He also tells her that Aarav’s accident was also done by Chitra.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Simar will go to Geetanjali and say that she knows what is going on in this house. Geetanjali will say that she won’t trust her. Simar will try to prove her point and add that Raj was the one who changes Gajendra’s medicine.

Will Geetanjali find out the truth? Will Aarav believe Simar?