Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 23rd July 2021 : Griraj plans to involve Reema in his conspiracy

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Sasural Simar Ka 2 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 23rd July 2021 On

The episode starts with Simar coming in Reema’s room to give her dresses to change, but Reema tells her to knock and enter her room. Simar goes back and then knocks at her room and then enters, she gives her dresses to Reema to change. When Reema sees the dresses she throws them to one side that tells to Simar that now Oswal family Bahu will wear all these cheap dresses. Simar tells her that Bari Bahu is giving dresses to Chote bahu. Reema gets angry and tells her that she knows everything that how Oswal family is treating her from the day of her marriage.

Reema tells her that she will go from this house after a month but she will stay here as Oswal family Bahu forever. Simar reminds her that she is her sister. Reema closes the door and tells to Simar that she remembers things with her convince only. Whether she remembered or not that Reema had told her that she would come back in two hours for her marriage at any cost. She shouts at her and asks Simar do you remember or not tell me!

Reema asks her that how could circumstances bend to marry your brother-in-law. Simar tells her yes she did but she was forced to do by her. She also tells her that she married Aarav just because of his father. Otherwise something would have happened to him. She tells her all the things happened that day and also tells her that she was not there to witness it. Simar states Reema that she was going to be Aarav’s bride but now circumstances have changed, now she is Aarav’s wife.

Reema tells that that she would have shaken the world but have never taken her sister’s place. Simar tries to justify herself yet Reema is not ready to accept that due to pressure she married Aarav. Simar tells her that if she would have thought about her dreams then papa would have died. Reema tells her that it’s good if she is not involved emotionally, after losing she should not regret. Reema tells her that she have entered Oswal family, got their name now she just wants to win over Aarav. Simar is shocked to know the real plan of Reema.

Simar tries to explain her that she is now married to Vivaan. She should not betray him. Reema tells her that she didn’t had any option expect Vivaan to reach Aarav. Reema make promise that she will take revenge from Oswal family.

Chitra comes to meet Reema, she gives her necklace and tells her that we both wants Vivaan’s happiness. So she have accepted her as Vivaan’s wife. Reema saw Vivaan standing on the door. So she pretends to very very loving and obedient. They both hugs each other. Chitra and Reema both pretends to be happy and accepting each other infront of Vivaan.

Griraj plans to win over Reema and use her as the pawn to recah Badi Ma. Griraj explains all his conspiracy to Chitra asn asks her to take control of Reema. Reema asks Vivaan to postpone their first night until they convince all their elders and gets their blessings after that only she can start her married life. Vivaan somehow gets convinced.

Simar prays to Mata Rani and shares her feelings with Mata Rani. She also promises to Mata Rani to that she won’t allow Reema to hurt Aarav again and whatever she did was just because of Reema as she was never interested in these things. Then she burns the Diya when Aarav closes the window. Aarav hears Simar prays. They both takes Mata Rani blessings.

The Episode ends.