Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Raj’s life in danger


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is at a critical point as we see Raj and Manmeet have mutually accepted their feelings for each other but Raj gets stabbed while saving Manmeet. Will he be safe?

In previous episode Manmeet told Raj that people who took are not police and they are in some jungle. Raj stole bike from a guy and left immediately. One of the goons pointed gun at Manmeet while other held her forcefully. Raj reached there and managed to take Manmeet on bike with him. However the goon attacked Raj with knife injuring him.

Inspector told Ajeet that what they were doing at police station as Manmeet was already given bail. Ajeet said how is that possible as court is closed on Saturday. Constable informed Ajeet how nothing was done according to protocols. Hussain and Ajeet got shocked seeing Patekar’s office badly scattered and he was missing.

Gunjan’s in-laws saw the news about Manmeet in newspaper and bad mouth her being characterless and fraud too. They asked Gunjan to break off ties with Shergills. Manmeet made Raj lie down and said she needs to pull the knife out. He said its too painful and will bleed a lot.

However Manmeet pulled the knife out and tied up the bleeding area. Raj fell unconscious in Manmeet’s arms and she was left utterly shocked. In the upcoming episodes we will see how Manmeet will be able to save or not

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