Sherdil Shergill Upcoming Story: Will Manmeet be able to win back Raj Kumar?


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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is close to its finale episode and currently showing how Manmeet and Raj Kumar’s marriage is in turmoil because of Mr Yadav.

In The previous episode Pankhuri came to Mr Yadav and asked him to get Murari bailed. Pankhuri reminded Priyanka how shamelessly she pretended to be pregnant and made Murari forge fake reports to support it.

She told Mr Yadav if Murari isn’t released from jail, he will see her dead. Bhairav Singh came to meet Manmeet at office.

Manmeet told Mr Yadav that she had thought he has come to negotiate about money deal for her to leave Raj Kumar. Manmeet made a demand of 5000 crore to get Murari free from jail and leave Raj Kumar as well. Mr Yadav was left shocked with the amount.

Manmeet told Abhishek if he was willing to wait for another month and get married to her. She told she is going to separate from Raj Kumar and has demanded 5000 crore from Mr Yadav which will sort out both their lives.

Abhishek told he will think about it and tell her later. Priyanka asked Mr Yadav why he is doing everything alone and not telling her anything. Mr Yadav told Nirali and everyone about Manmeet demanding for 5000 crore in return for leaving Raj Kumar.

How will Manmeet and Raj Kumar get their happy ending?

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