Sirf Tum 16th March 2022 Written Update: Ranveer barges into Ansh’s house


Sirf Tum 16th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer she won’t leave at any cost. She is unable to stand properly and he gives her support. Dadu comes downstairs to see what is happening. Mamta tells him to go to his room else Ranveer will suspect them and will catch their lie. Asha tells Ansh that he should use Suhani for his revenge. Ansh says she is just a pawn in this game and she has to be destroyed for that. Ranveer brings Suhani inside his house and she keeps talking in intoxicated state.

Mamta goes to bring lemon water for her. He tells Suhani that Ansh forced her to drink alcohol he knows that. Suhani says not Ansh but Ranveer is responsible for her condition. She doesn’t want to see his face again but then she says but she misses him and wants to see him all the time. She says she wont let him destroy himself only. They both will move towards self destruction. He says but she is his responsibility. He won’t let anyone ruin her life to which she says but she wants to get destroyed with him. She says why he didn’t come to marry her, she was waiting for him.

Ansh overhears their conversation on phone call. Mamta brings lemon water and tells Suhani to drink. She refuses and Ranveer says she will feel better. She asks him to drink it first. He takes a sip and makes her drink the water. Dadu calls them and Mamta says she will see him, Ranveer should take care of Suhani. Dadu comes to them and he asks him why he came here in this state.

Ansh thinks now Ranveer will become restless to get back Suhani. He will take the advantage of Ranveer’s one wrong step. Mamta says she is feeling bad for Suhani as she doesn’t even knows where is she right now. Ranveer notices Suhani’s phone and cuts it seeing Ansh’s name. Ansh gets irked. Suhani wakes up and aske Mamta why is she here right now. She apologises to them for her behaviour. She tellsf Ranveer that she is going through a tough phase and she understood today that alcohol can help her forget all her sorrows. She decides to start drinking alcohol.

Ranveer tells her not to do that again. He gives lecture that it’s not a solution for any problem. She says due to his alcohol addiction he didnt even marry her then why is he lecturing her now. Dadu supports Suhani. She says can he leave this habit? Ranveer swears on Dadu and Mamta. He tells Suhani he won’t touch alcohol again if she also stays away from it. She promises him she won’t touch alcohol. Mamta gets happy thinking Suhani can cure Ranveer only.

Ansh gets shocked seeing Ranveer eating chinese in his house. Ansh says it’s called trespassing and it’s a crime. Ranveer says Ansh made his wife drunk and sent her to someone’s home alone at night. That’s a crime too. He asks Ansh to sit and have chinese. He says due to Ansh’s plan he left alcohol forever. He wants to thank him for that.

Ranveer calls some people in the house and tells them fix cctv cameras in all the rooms. Ansh gets angry and tells them to leave as it’s his house. Suhani says no cameras will be here. Ranveer eats the food and says he took permission from Asha already. Ansh looks for Asha but can’t find her. He questions Ranveer angrily where is Asha? What he did to her?

Episode ends.

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