Sirf Tum 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Suhani comes to Ranveer’s House


Sirf Tum 23rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani slipping and Ranveer saves her from falling. Riya gets irked. Ranveer and Suhani share an eye lock. Sudha asks Suhani is she fine? Dadi says Ranveer won’t let anything happen to Suhani. Vikrant questions Mamta that how dare she went against her husband’s decision. He tries to break her mangalsutra and she gets shocked. He says she doesn’t value this mangalsutra so why is she wearing it for namesake. Vikrant warms Mamta saying if she gets out of the house then he will break ties with her forever. Mamta feels shattered and informs Dadu that she is not coming. Dadu asks her to not do this else Ranveer won’t participate in any kind of ritual. Suhani overhears that and she leaves. Kamini looks for Suhani and asks about her. Ranveer gets doubtful and Dadu says she will come back soon.

Rakesh calls Suhani but Riya says her phone is here. Ranveer takes Riya aside and asks her if she is again conspiring against Suhani. Riya says she already apologised to them, why would she try to ruin the functions. Ranveer says because she has a reason to ruin all these and he has a reason to doubt her. Riya says he should trust her. Riya calls Ansh to ask him if he did something to Suhani as she is missing. Ansh denies saying he didn’t plan anything, he would have involved Riya if he had a plan. Asha tries to make Ansh understand that he is hurting himself by trying to destroy Ranveer. Ansh should learn to be happy and end this revenge drama. Ansh replies he will ruin Ranveer’s life and will make sure Ranveer and Suhani don’t get married. Asha gets worried.

Suhani enters Ranveer’s house and she leaves her footmark while walking on the fallen aalta. Mamta notices that and asks her why she came here without performing the rituals. Suhani says the ceremony is incomplete without Mamta and Ranveer won’t tolerate that. She adds she wants to take Mamta to her house. Mamta gets emotional and feels blessed that Ranveer chose the right girl for himself. She says Suhani performed the grihapravesh technically by leaving her footmark. She makes Suhani sit and they talk to each other.

Suhani tells her to go with her but Mamta recalls Vikrant’s emotional blackmail. She says she can’t attend the ceremony and she can’t reveal the reason too. Mamta says if she steps out of the house everything will be finished. Vikrant says Mamta is right, Suhani should leave at once, Mamta won’t come with her. All rituals will be performed in her absence. He shouts at Suhani. Ranveer comes with band baaja and dances with his friends. Suhani’s family also enter the Oberoi mansion. Ranveer says Vikrant called them only. Ranveer says he understood when Mamta didn’t come to attend the ceremony and Suhani also went missing. He was right that Suhani came to take Mamta with her.

Ranveer says Vikrant thought he will stop Mamta from reaching the venue by blackmailing her so, he brought the band baja and now the function will happen here in Mamta’s presence. Suhani says they had no intention to hurt Vikrant. Vikrant shouts at Rakesh saying they forcibly came into his life and now trying to enter his house as well. Rakesh says they came here as Ranveer was adamant. Vikrant heads towards Rakesh and Ranveer comes in between. Ranveer says Vikrant should not talk to Suhani’s father in this way. Mamta asks him why he came here. Ranveer says he can’t start his married life without her blessings. He thanks Suhani for reaching Mamta before him. He says he has a surprise for her. He calls a person and the latter comes in with a small box.

Episode ends

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