Sirf Tum 7th June 2022 Written Update: Mamta insults Rakesh


Sirf Tum 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani’s family coming to the hospital. Rakesh asks Suhani how is Vikrant. Mamta recalls what Vikrant told her that Rakesh and Suhani are planning against them. Ansh tells Vikram that it’s clearly visible that Shanti Hospital is isolated then how can Suhani bring Vikrant here for treatment? He talks to the guard who says Suhani forcibly entered and started treating Vikrant.

Ansh asks for permission to enter the hospital and then he finds the injection in the dustbin. He shows it to Vikram saying no doctor can push such injection being careless, Suhani must have done that knowingly to push Vikrant to death. It’s proved. She stooped so low that she tried to kill Ranveer’s father.

Mamta accuses Rakesh saying he came here to see if Suhani executed her plan properly or not. First she snatched Ranveer from her and now she is after Vikrant. Rakesh says he can understand she is disturbed right now but she should not utter such words. Suhani says she will handle everything and she asks Rakesh to leave.

Roshni says Suhani knowingly pushed wrong injection to Vikrant, Rakesh says she is becoming a doctor to save lives not to kill someone. She is quite doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself. Vikram comes and says Suhani made a plan and tried to kill Vikrant. Ansh shows everyone the injection and blames Suhani.

Ranveer gets mad at him saying how dare he talk to Suhani like that? He even tried to kill his own father for his benefit. Ansh says he is just supporting the truth nothing else. Why Vikrant called her before the accident? Mamta gets shocked to hear that and asks Suhani the same thing as Vikrant doesn’t even like her. Suhani doesnt defend herself and accepts that she is responsible.

Ranveer says she should not lie by coming under pressure. He was with her in the hospital. Shashi says they should call the police. Suhani says she doesn’t have problem with that. Ranveer says noone will call the police. Rakesh tells Suhani not to get afraid. He says he can’t believe that Suhani will harm someone. Dadu says they should focus on Vikrant instead of blaming Suhani, she is not running away.

Ranveer takes Suhani aside and says why she is doing that, he will find out the truth but she replies she believes if she is innocent then she doesn’t need to prove her point. Truth will prevail. Riya says police has arrived and asking for Suhani.

Police says Suhani forcibly entered a banned hospital and then gave wrong injection to Vikrant. So they will arrest her. Mamta says Suhani tried to kill her husband and she should get arrested. Ranveer says he is Suhani’s senior and told her to give the injection so they should arrest him. Suhani says she brought it from the store room so they can arrest her.

Ranveer tries to stop the police but Mamta stops him saying he is so obsessed with Suhani that he forgot his parents. She slaps him and Suhani leaves. Mamta falls sick and Ranveer holds her. Ansh and Shashi talk about their successful plan. Shashi says now noone will come between Riya and Ranveer. Ansh says now something more is waiting for Suhani at the police station. He adds wish he was there to see that.

Suhani sits in the jeep and her family tries to convince the inspector that she only obeyed her senior, she is not a criminal. Inspector says that will be decided after the proper investigation. Suhani sees Vikrant’s office employees are protesting against her outside the police station and they call her a murderer in the name of a doctor. Ansh says he provoked Vikrant’s employees and they love him a lot thus they instantly got ready to protest against Suhani.

The employees throw stones at her and she gets injured. John and Raghu see everything and inform Ranveer. Ranveer says surely someone is conspiring against Suhani and he will go to the police station. Nurse says he should take rest as he donated blood just now.

Dadu says he will take care of Vikrant but Ranveer should go to Suhani. Some lady prisoners tease Suhani saying she looks innocent but she is just like them. They laugh at her and she sits devastated. She cries and hopes that Ranveer will come to get her released as she didn’t do anything.

Episode ends

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