Sirf Tum 9th March 2022 Written Update: Rakesh worries for Ansh and Suhani


Sirf Tum 9th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer to leave Ansh. He spares Ansh and she says though he doesnt accept this marriage but its a relation between two families. She says she rectified his mistake and married Ansh. She saved her father as anything would have happened to him due to Ranveer’s act.

He should leave her alone in her state. She tears the divorce papers and leaves with Ansh. Suhani gives juice to Ansh and he says he will file complaint against Ranveer as he tried to kill him. Ranveer comes and says Ansh is a cheater and he will kill him for snatching Suhani. Ranveer chases Ansh and the latter tries to beat him with stick but it gets broken. Ranveer lifts Ansh and throws him from the terrace. Rakesh wakes up and shouts saying Ranveer will kill Ansh. Dadi tells him that it’s just a dream. He should relax.

Rakesh calls Ansh to know if they are ok. Ansh tells Suhani what will he answer that her lover is attacking her husband. Rakesh says Ranveer is thinking the mishap as his loss. He will try to trouble them. Ansh says he will take care of Suhani. He tells her to not talk to Ranveer again. Suhani goes to her class and the students ask her how she got married to Ansh. Ansh comes to class and invites his juniors for the marriage party.

Suhani leaves to submit the assignment and Ranveer says he will first check her assignment. She avoids him and gives it to professior. Professor point out some mistakes in the assignment and tells her to resubmit it within 5 pm. Ranveer says he will help her in finishing the project. Ansh asks Suhani why she is again talking to Ranveer. Ranveer warns him and Ansh says he will take revenge from him later. Ansh invites Ranveer for the party and the latter leaves angrily.

Ansh enjoys the party in college campus with students and Suhani feels uncomfortable. Professor scolds her for wasting time and not writing the project. He says he will disqualify her. He scolds Ansh too and leaves. Ansh asks Suhani to choose a song for dancing with him. She says she can’t do it. Ansh says he will handle the professor. He taunts her saying she wants Ranveer as her dance partner. Suhani feels sad. Riya asks John and Raghu about Ranveer. Ranveer finishes Suhani’s project and there Ansh thinks if Ranveer won’t come to the party his plan will fail.

Ansh gets Rakesh’s call and leaves to attend it. Ranveer takes Suhani aside and throws away the crown and tag she was wearing. He tells her to submit the assignment on time. Suhani says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Ranveer says she is here to become the best doctor. She should leave her stubbornness. Ansh throws away the assignment and blames Suhani that she left the party and came to meet Ranveer. He says he won’t give chance to her to meet Ranveer after this.

Precap- Ansh says Suhani won’t come to college and Ranveer says noone can stop Suhani from fulfilling her dreams.

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