Spy Bahu 23rd March 2022 Written Update: Sejal gets engaged.


Spy Bahu 23rd March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal rushing to Bamba. Bamba wakes up and tells he is okay,Sejal looses calm and tells she won’t loose her brother again. Sejal watches news about the Srinagar blast that a husband and wife died leaving behind three kids. Suryakant calls Sejal and tells he promises her to find Farid if she helps the nation. Sejal thinks about the news of people dying and tells yes to Suryakant. Postman gives a letter to Minal and she wakes Sejal up.

Minal tells Sejal she got a job in Delhi. Flashback shows Suryakant telling Sejal that she won’t tell anything to her family about the mission and he will arrange some cover up story for them. Sejal understands this is Suryakant’s plan. Minal asks Sejal did she apply for a job in Delhi? Does she wants to go away from them? Sejal tells she will go and do job in Delhi and come back after gaining experience. Minal tells she will let Sejal go but only on one condition that she gets engaged to Jatin now.

Sejal yells at Jatin for agreeing to the engagement. Jatin tells Sejal not to worry about the engagement as it is for her happiness. Jatin tells Sejal she can go to Delhi after engagement and if she wants she can cancel it anytime. Sejal thinks she is doing engagement on her mother’s request but her real mission is to become a spy and find her brother Farid. Sejal and Farid gets engaged and takes blessings from everyone. Grandmother tells Sejal that she did this engagement to keep everyone happy but she didn’t think about herself.

Yohan is playing Polo at his father’s club and wins. Yohan tells he wants to dedicate the trophy to his dad or else he wouldn’t be here but in central jail. Yohan tells his father that he used his sister to make him work in office and he used his lawyer to get out of jail but he is never stepping in his office. Sejal bids goodbye to her family. Saras tells Sejal not to feel bad about Minal getting her engaged so soon. Minal tells Sejal not to be afraid of dark and come back soon,she will prepare for her marriage.

Tanhaji pick up Sejal and brings Sejal to the office. Suryakant welcomes Sejal to Indian Intelligence Agency. Sejal tells she is really scared and anxious. Suryakant tells Sejal to go with Tanhaji and he introduces her to everyone in office. Sejal tries to show her talent and tells she learned Karate as a kid and has very good stamina. Sejal drops a jar of pickle trying to show off. Tanhaji keeps two jar on the table and tells everyone to choose wether Sejal and become a spy or not. Everyone choose Sejal cannot become a spy. Tanhaji tells Sejal to pack her bags as no one her believes she can become a spy. The episode ends with Sejal getting sad.

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