Spy Bahu 5th August 2022 Written Update: Sejal confesses to Yohan about her being Mahira


Spy Bahu 5th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal reaching the momo shop. Sejal asks the vendor about officers but he says her she is mistaken. Sejal gets shocked. She tells Yohan to believe her and she will prove herself at police station after meeting SK sir. SK Sir and TanhaJi have a conversation. TanhaJi says SK sir that went to meet photographers and concludes about them having a snap where in Sejal might be captured. SK sir scold him for his negligence.

SK Sir sees on the cctv camera that Sejal is coming to the office with Sejal and Mahira. He realizes Sejal has been caught by Yohan and she is coming there to prove herself as spy. Sejal barges in and asks SK Sir to tell the truth. SK sir acts and denies everything Sejal has been saying. Sejal remembers how she was trained by them and feels disheartened. Sejal asks atleast TanhaJi to tell the truth. Mahira says how Sejal is forcing and being rude to officers. Yohan is speechless. Sejal tells SK sir that she knows her identity should be hidden but now she is being tagged as terrorist and asks him to tell truth.

Sk Sir denies and says Yohan to take his wife as he doesn’t want family drama. Sejal feels betrayed. Yohan goes outside. Sejal hugs him and asks him to trust her words. Tanhaji questions Sk sir for betraying Sejal. Yohan says he wants to trust everything but he remembers the picture with her saree stained in blood. Sejal tells him that she will prove everything to him and asks for another chance. Ahana tries to manipulate him again. Sejal shouts at her and tells her to stop taking her brother Fahid’s name.

Sejal blurts out that she is Mahira.Yohan remembers when he had said about Mahira to Sejal and showed her picture. Sejal says how she wanted to say him the truth but couldn’t gather enough courage so she had written everything and given to him as a letter but it got misplaced by them. Veera talks to her terrorist team and tells now she will get the illegal chemical manufactured under her guidance in Nanda industries. Sejal tells Yohan to come with him to night school and she will prove him the truth.

Sejal tells about Aarti and how there is secret hidden at the night school run by Veera. Mahira says she is now even using Aarti. Yohan agrees to go with her. Sejal asks Mahira to handover her phone. She is hesitant but has to give the phone because Yohan asked her to. Veera is shown in the night school and talking to Aarti’s skeleton and laughing happily. Veera happily keeps dancing with the skeleton. The episode ends with Sejal and Yohan along with Ahana coming towards Veera’s room in the night school where she has kept her secrets hidden.

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