Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: What has Veera planned?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is once again at an interesting turn as Yohan has managed to proof himself innocent but Veera has escaped from jail.

In the previous episode Yohan said he had to cross question Gopal. He mentioned about a big sum of money being transferred to Gopal last night which proves he accepted bribe for giving custody so his statements should not be accepted as evidence in the case hearing. Judge agreed to Yohan’s pleas and gave date of next day for final hearing.

At court, Sabnam called Ahana to give her statement. Nandas got worried as Sejal has not reached the court yet with evidence. Judge was about to give judgement in Ahana’s favor but Sejal reached the court and stopped him.

Yohan presented footage which showed Ahana going to bar with a guy. The waiter at the bar gave evidence he had seen Ahana. Judge announced that Yohan was innocent and was falsely accused by Ahana.

Ahana laughed and said everyone was going to die. Veera spread smoke in the van and ran out . Inspector and SK sir were about to go out of the room but as soon as inspector opened the door there was a huge explosion and inspector died on the spot.

In the upcoming episode we will see how Sejal will save everyone from this deadly plan of Veera.

To know more stay tuned to Spy Bahu.