Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Sejal accept Suryakant’s mission?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is an unique show about the life of a girl who has a special ability to memorise things by looking at them once and is going to be recruited as a spy for this special talent of hers to find evidence against Yohan a suspicious rich kid from a wealthy family. Will Sejal be able to do the job?

Suryakant told Sejal she was born here with the name of Marya Mirza and she was adopted by her current family. Suryakant asked Sejal why was she reading namaz in mosque? How was she replying in Kashmiri? Suryakant told Sejal about her brother’s birthday the day her family was killed. Sejal had flashback celebrating with her family. Sejal recalled hiding inside the closet on that day when the terrorists came. Sejal remembered everything from her past and ran out of her house and breaksdown crying.

Suryakant told Sejal that your father worked as an informant for this country’s security and he wants her to do the same. Sejal told him she found a new family and was happy with them but he brought her back here and reminded her everything so that she can do some work for him that is really selfish of him.

Suryakant told he wants only the good for this country. Sejal denied Suryakant’s request and left. Sejal came and hugged her mother and father. Sohail picked up a showpiece and decides he will do the work he was supposed to do. Sejal was about to return Yohan’s wallet to him but he noticed Sohail and rushed to catch him. Sohail dropped the showpiece on road.

Yohan got hold of Sohail and told him to decide finally because it is now or never. Sohail told Yohan that he got scared for a while but now he will see. Flashback showed Sohail getting a bomb placed inside the showpiece. The bomb blasts and the episode ends with Sejal and Yohan lying unconscious on the ground.

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