Suhaagan 5th December 2023 Written Update: Payal burns Bindiya’s hand


Suhaagan 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi saying to Bindiya that she hasn’t eating anything. She has to break her fasting. Bindiya tells her that she forgot to bring the things. Dadi consoles her. Sakshi asks Nidhi why she is crying like Indu died. She says that Vickram taken care of her well. Baldev says that Nidhi was in the hospital too. Sakshi asks her if she met with an accident too. Krishna says that she has some ladies problem. Payal thinks why she took Bindiya and Pankaj help then. Later, Nidhi says that she aborted her child. She can’t lie to her family anymore. Pankaj and Bindiya came to help her in the hospital. Payal says that she underestimated her. Payal says that she isn’t believing her. She never believed that Bindiya had memory loss. She proved that she is a liar. She can’t believe that Nidhi aborted her baby too. Payal says that she is her enemy from this moment. If she really aborted her baby then Bindiya shouldn’t had waited outside the OT. Pankaj shouldn’t had smiled like that. She showed the happiness of becoming a father in his face. Nidhi says her if she spy them? Payal says that she did her work secretly so she has to spy her.

Nidhi says that she can think whatever she want. She aborted her baby. Payal says that she can’t believe her. She removed Bindiya considered her as a throne because of her selfishness. She took care of her like her parents. If she can do this to her then she can imagine what else she can do to her. Payal threatens her that she won’t leave her. Later, Krishna asks Swapna to bring a lemon juice for Bindiya. She did a tough fasting for them. She needs energy. Payal thinks that Nidhi shouldn’t play this game with her. She can’t allow Bindiya and Nidhi to shakes their hands against her. Why she is silent till. She didn’t reveal her fake pregnancy truth to anyone yet. If she planning against her. Payal noticed that Bindiya smiling. She thinks that she is in tension but she is smiling. Krishna says to Bindiya that she shouldn’t misunderstand that he is doing it out of love. He doesn’t want to see her fall sick because of them. Bindiya says that she won’t misunderstand him. She asks him to take Arthi.

Payal disliked the way Bindiya and Krishna close together. She intentionally pushes him. Hot oil falls on her hand. She moans in burning sensation. Krishna worried about her. Payal says that she will help her. Krishna says that she should have been careful before pushing him. He asks her to stay back. Payal asks him if she did it intentionally to taunt her like that? He asks her to stay back. He applies ointment to Bindiya’s hand. He says that it may give little pain. She says that he is her medicine. He is showing love to her. They will worry like this for their loved one. Payal gets irritated. Nidhi and Pankaj comes there. She asks him what happened to Bindiya? Krishna says that Payal burnt her hand mistakenly. Nidhi thinks that she may did it intentionally. Krishna asks Bindiya to drink water and break her fasting. She feels pain in her hand. Krishna makes her drink the water and break her fasting. Nidhi and Pankaj says that they are beautiful couples. No one evil eyes should fall on them. They are perfect couples. Payal fumes hearing it.

Krishna feeds food to Bindiya. Bindiya admires him. Payal fumes with rage. Nidhi asks Pankaj to leave those love birds alone. Payal thinks that Bindiya escaped from her. But she won’t leave Nidhi. She burns Nidhi’s dhuppatta. Nidhi shouts for help. Pankaj and Krishna rushes to help her. Payal asks her to drink water. Pankaj says that she did it. Payal creates a scene. She asks him to forgive her if he thinks she did it. She hugs Nidhi and whispers to her that she escaped this time. It can happen again. She played with a fire. Nidhi is scared.

Episode end

Precap; Nidhi says to Pankaj let’s inform the truth to everyone before Payal try to hurt her again. Payal threatens to snatch her baby if she try to reveal her truth.