Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Bindiya learns Durga’s past!


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Suhaagan is ready for more drama. Durga returned to home. Durga mistakes Payal as Kaveri and attacks her often. How will Bindiya going to win Dadi’s heart?

In the latest episode we saw; Dadi stops Bindiya from going out. She tells her that she shouldn’t go anywhere. Bindiya assures her that she will return asap. Dadi stays stubborn. Baldev says that he will postpone the court hearing.

Krishna says that he won’t allow it. Bindiya tells him that she won’t go to the court leaving Dadi in this state. Payal asked Tripti to help her. Tripti disguised like Kaveri to divert Dadi. Dadi chased her behind. Payal pretended to help her.

Krishna says to the judge that Bindiya ruined his life. He doesn’t even want to see her face. He needs divorce from her. He accuses that she killed his baby. Bindiya proved it wrong with the inspector’s statement. The judge ask Bindiya to say her decision.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Bindiya will ask Baldev what happened to Dadi. She want to know the truth. He gives Dadi’s diary to her. She reads it and find out that her story is similar to hers.

What will happen? Will Bindiya expose Payal’s truth to Krishna? Will Krishna fall for Bindiya?

To find out the answers to the above questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this page for the exclusive update about your favorite Hindi shows.