Suhaagan Upcoming Story: Bindiya to give wrong medicine to Baldev!


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Colors TV’s newly launched mega show, “Suhaagan,” which starts Akriti Sharma and Kurangi Nagraj. Kurangi Nagraj as Payal is The Sister of Bindiya in the Serial. This show is conceptualized by Vivek Bahl.

Bindiya and Payal are two sisters. Bindiya has married the love of Payal, Krishna. But she doesn’t know the truth behind their relationship. Bindiya starts to take the responsibility of the Shukla house. Now, Payal wants to get back her love spoiling the happiness of Bindiya.

In the current track, Payal shows all the medicines and prescription to krishna and complains to Krishna against Bindiya. Baldev is given wrong medicine not following the prescription of the cardiologist.

Payal tries to wash the brain of Krishna. Being angry, Krishna goes to Bindiya and confronts her why didn’t she give the right medicine to Baldev following the prescription. Seeing the silence of Bindiya, they assume Bindiya was doing this intentionally to keep Baldev weak, so that she could stay in the house for a long time.

Bindiya confesses that whatever she did without knowing anything. Krishna gets angry listening the excuse of Bindiya and decides to take care of Baldev by himself.

Later, Krishna gives the real medicine which are harmful for Baldev.Bindiya manages the situation and exchanges the medicines.

In the next track, Krishna will show Bindiya their divorce papers but she will burn it on his face. Payal will be make angry face.

Would Bindiya able to win the heart of Krishna! How Payal realise her own sin?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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