Swaran Ghar 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Vikram kills Balli

Swaran Ghar 23rd November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Balli tells Swaran that he will kill Chandni as Chandni is Swaran for everyone he will get Swaran’s whole property as her husband. He also informs Swaran that he has killed Ajit. Swaran gets stunned. Balli cuts the call. Balli tells Saroj that they will get Swaran Ghar, Swaran will go to Rajasthan jail and they will kill Chandni. Swaran prays for Ajit, Chandni, her family and asks God for some miracle. Ajit uses a gas when police tries to shift Swaran. He rescues Swaran. Swaran gets relief seeing Ajit.

Ajit says that Balli almost killed him but Vikram saved his life. Swaran becomes happy. He tells Swaran that he heard Yug and Chandni’s conversation and learned about Swaran’s crisis so he has come to protect her. They get emotional. Ajit also says that he could easily differentiate between Swaran and Chandni as Swaran is only one in this whole world. Swaran takes Ajit’s phone and calls Chandni. She informs her that Balli learned about her and wants to kill her. She asks Chandni to leave Swaran Ghar immediately. Balli, Saroj gear up to kill Chandni as soon as she enters Swaran Ghar. They open the main door but fails to find Chandni.

Swaran gives Chandni her jewlery bag. Chandni expresses her gratitude and asks Swaran if she should kill Balli for her. Swaran says that she will handle him and asks Chandni to go to Ajit and pretend as Swaran. Swaran also says that she doesn’t want Ajit to land in trouble again because of her. Chandni says that Swaran can’t handle Balli alone. Swaran says that she got inspiration from Chandni only. Chandni asks Swaran to go and face Balli, also gives her knife. Swaran says that she will meet Balli as Chandni only. Swaran enters Swaran Ghar in dark. She introduces herself as Chandni and calls Balli. Balli gives threats to kill Nakul. Swaran gets agitated. Balli realises that she is Swaran not Chandni and confronts her.

Swaran accepts her reality. Balli calls Swaran helpless, Swaran pushes him. Ajit starts worrying for Swaran and gears up to reach Swaran Ghar. Jai, Chandni struggle to control him. Swaran tounge lashes Balli. She tells him that he tried to harm Swaran but could not as both Nakul and Ajit are safe and sound. She says that Vikram has saved Ajit. Balli gets shocked. Swaran says that she has saved Chandni from Balli’s clutches and now she will protect her Swaran Ghar from him. Balli tries to choke Swaran but she hits him back. Swaran says that women are not weak as she alone is enough to teach Balli a lesson. Swaran takes her knife out but Saroj stops her. Swaran pushes her.

Balli pulls Swaran’s leg, Swaran falls on the floor. Balli takes the knife and tries to kill Swaran. Vikram hits on Balli’s head using a log. Ajit comes there and takes Swaran in arms. Saroj cries for Balli. Vikram bashes Balli for trying to kill his mother. Nakul, Yug, Bebe come there too. They take care of Swaran. Police comes and asks them who has killed Balli. Swaran takes her name. Vikram comes there and says that he did it to save his mother. Swaran tries to safeguard him but Vikram asks her to give him a chance to rectify his past mistakes. Swaran, Vikram share a hug. Police arrest him.

Few days later, Swaran and Ajit’s family assemble at Swaran Ghar to celebrate Nakul’s birthday. Nakul opens his eyes to see Swaran first. Divya appreciates it and says that she wants to do the same for Ajit. They talk to Vikram via video call. Swaran says that they are missing him a lot. They wait for Chandni to arrive before cake cutting. Swaran, Chandni thank each other. Ajit plays piano. They celebrate the birthday and take family photograph. 18 years later, Swaran, Ajit looks at that photograph and cherish their old memories. They enjoy tea together. The show ends on happy note.

In today’s episode, Saroj learns about Ajit and Swaran from Balli. Balli says that he will kill them both. Saroj says that they have to make Swaran Ghar their own first of all. Swaran writes something sitting inside jail. Lady constable informs her that someone has come to meet her. Swaran goes and sees that Chandni has come wearing a burkha. Swaran asks Chandni why she has come. Chandni asks Swaran about her bag. Swaran says that she just wanted to protect Chandni. Chandni asks Swaran why she saved a thief.

Swaran praises her and calls her a good human being. Chandni tells Swaran that she didn’t steal those jewlery, they belong to her mother. Her husband and mother in law snatched them from her so she took them with her and left home. Chandni also informs Swaran that she didn’t tell this truth to anyone but Swaran as she didn’t call her a thief like others. Chandni says that she can do anything for that bag. Swaran says that Chandni is like her only as she can do anything for her family.

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