Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th September 2021 Written Update: Mithila makes Ashi confess the truth


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The episode starts with Saksham shows the shopping bill in which Gopika’s name has been written and tells Mithila to look at it. Gopika tells she didn’t ordered this. Saksham gets angry and asks Gopika how dare she lie to his mother. He also tells Gopika that she ordered this for her ritual so they wont attend the ritual function. Mithila says to Saksham that Gopika is the one who is going to give the welcome speech infront of the guests and media. Saksham tells Chirag and Ashi’s muh dikayi ritual will happen and not his and Gopika’s also Ashi will give the welcome speech and leaves the place. Ashi gets happy. Gopika tells Mithila that she dont know who ordered this but its not her. Mithila looks at Ashi and asks both Gopika and Ashi to go to their room. Gopika takes the bill which Saksham throw away and goes to her room.

Thejal asks Hiten to come inside the shop but he refuses saying he isn’t buying anything and tells that he is enjoying the aircondotioning freely. Thejal goes to Chirag and asks him to leave before Ramila and Hiten does something else so Chirag leaves with her. Ramila gets her necklace and gets happy. The person in the bill counter calls Chirag to give his card but Ramila tells him it’s her son in law so she will give it to him. The person tells but in the card its Written Saksham Modi’s name not Chirag’s. Ramila tells both of them are her son in law and takes the card from the person and wonders why Chirag is doing shopping using Saksham’s card. Mithila asks Baa do she really think that Gopika is the one who ordered these things. Baa says no. Mithila swears on god to find who trapped Gopika. Ashi hears everything from the steps and goes to her room worriedly.

Gopika looks at the bill and recalls Saksham’s decision to not to attend the ritual. Baa comes to the room and asks Gopika is she feeling bad that she can’t able to do the ritual and cant give a welcome speech. Gopika tells Baa hereafter there will be so many functions in which she will get a chance but she is feeling bad that she can’t able to do what Mithila asks her to. Gopika hesitantly tells Baa that she wants to tell her something. Baa asks her not to hesitate saying they are family. Gopika tells that she feels Saksham is upset with her not because of the in that bill her name is in it but because of Someother reason because the day she entered the house as his wife he is not happy. Baa tells Gopika to have patience saying that it will take time to understand one another also Saksham is a kind of person who dont express much but his actions will show what kind of a person he is.

Ashi comes there and tells Baa that she needs Gopika’s help. Gopika asks Ashi to go that she will come. Baa asks Gopika to help Ashi. Gopika smiles and thanks Baa and leaves the place. Gopika asks Ashi what she has to do. Ashi tells Gopika that she has so much work to do so asks Gopika to do massage to her legs. Gopika obliges and does. Mithila comes there and gets angry seeing everything and asks what’s happening. Ashi lies saying that Gopika insists of doing this. Gopika gets confused but tells Mithila that she is the one who insisted when Ashi hurts her without Mithila’s notice. Mithila tells Gopika to go to her room also asks to let Ashi do her work. Gopika nods and leaves the place. Mithila asks Ashi to prepare saying she is the one who going to give welcome speech. Ashi asks Mithila not to worry saying she will make her Proud and leaves.

Ashi comes to see the things which is ordered by her. She tells to herself that she ordered it but she cant use it. Mithila calls Ashi’s name. Ashi gets shocked and turns around. Mithila asks her what is she doing. Ashi tells nothing. Mithila makes crude remarks against the saree also calls the jewelry is old design but Ashi tells Mithila the designs are trending now and then covers it up saying that she has seen it in the social media. Mithila asks her to get ready. Ashi says okay and leaves the place. Ashi says to Ramila that she ordered so many things yet she cant able to use it. She ordered a Beautiful dupatta but now she has to wear this boring dupatta. Ramila warns her not to mess up anything that she saved her with so much difficulty. She also warns Ashi about Mithila and asks her to be careful around her. Ashi says okay and tells Ramila that the guests and media is waiting for Ashi Modi so she is leaving. Ramila also tells that she is also going to get ready.

Ashi opens the road and the chutney falls on her dress. She gets angry and looks at the person who did it and gets shocked seeing Mithila. Mithila apologises to Ashi and tells her that they can ask Gopika to give her the dupatta from the things she ordered. Ashi gets happy and says okay. Thejal asks her family members why they all are here. Minal tells that Mithila asks them to come here. Gopika asks why the things are here. Saksham mocks her. Mithila and Ashi comes to the room. Mithila asks Gopika to give Ashi her dupatta from which she ordered. Gopika searches one by one. Ashi points at the box in which dupatta is there and tells everyone that she guessed it with the size of the box. Gopika gives the dupatta. Ashi gets annoyed seeing the dupatta and tells the shop cheated her by sending such dupatta. Everyone gets shocked. Ashi realizes what she said and tells Mithila that she will explain. Mithila tells everyone that she knows Ashi is the one who ordered things worth eleven lakhs also wrote Gopika’s name in the bill and asks Ashi to tell the truth. Ashi closes her eyes and tells it’s her who ordered the things. Everyone gets shocked by Ashi’s confession and looks at her.

Precap: Mithila tells everyone that Gopika will give welcome speech in English. Keshav tells Mithila that she is doing a biggest mistake by letting Gopika to welcome speech. Mithila tells Keshav that she is sure that Gopika will make her Proud. Gopika goes to the stage. Mithila asks her to start her speech. Ashi recalls how she educated Gopika with wrong information to humiliate Mithila and thinks that she cant wait to see when the truth of Gopika’s comes out and smiles.

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