Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th June 2022 Written Update: Chirag and Shradha unveils the truth to Kesari


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The episode starts with Shradha asks Minal she wants to know the price of the blank cheque she sent her right and tells her she will tell its price and tears the paper and cheque into pieces then leaves the place. Keshav tells Minal that she may made one of her son proud but not her another son and her husband. He also tells that he breaking all ties with her shocking everyone. Keshav leaves the place.

Mithila tells Minal that she has to be strong and tells they all are with her during this hard time. She also says that Shradha may be a mother who is fighting for her rights but now she has to face two mothers who is going to fight for their son. She then goes to Keshav and the latter asks her is she is here to laugh at him.

Mithila says no and asks him wht he is doing all this and asks him have he ever thought because of his decision to let Chirag marry Shradha three people’s life will be get ruined that the three people are none other than Chirag Ashi and Shradha. She asks why he isn’t understanding this. Keshav tells that he is doing all this for Kesari and the family members well being yet everyone is thinking that he is the villain.

Mithila tells him that no one thinks him as a villain because all knows the sacrifices he done for the mistakes which Saksham did but took blame on him and gone to prison to save Saksham. Infact he even locked Subhadra for years knowing that he may get punished. Keshav tells Mithila that now also he dont want Kesari to leave their life. Mithila asks him to think that any of the family members refuses to acknowledge or accept Kesari as a part of the family.

Keshav nods no. Mithila tells that they all wanted Kesari to be part of this family but the path he chose to make Kesari become a part of their family is wrong. She also tells Keshav that their children are grown up and they have taught them which is right and wrong so asks him to let them take their own decisions. Keshav agrees with Mithila’s words making the latter happy.

Ashi throws all the things from Shradha’s cupboard. Shradha comes in and gets shocked seeing Ashi. She tells her that she already tore the blank cheque. Ashi tells her to stop acting and asks her to take the money and leave the house eventhough she don’t deserves it. Shradha asks Ashi to stop doing all this because unlike her she isn’t greedy. Ashi tells she is greedy but unlike her she asks the money infront but won’t use her own daughter.

Shradha warns her not to drag her daughter. She also asks her to go and ask Chirag who is also equally involved in this. Ashi tells Shradha that she understands that both Chirag and Shradha were done a mistake in a drunken state but asks her is Chirag made any promises to be with her forever. She also asks Shradha why can’t she go and tell Kesari its not Saksham but Chirag is her father instead of hiding such big truth from her then leaves the room.

Kesari comes out of her hiding spot and looks at Shradha also Ashi. She goes down and cries hugging Saksham. The family members comes to living room. Saksham asks her what happened. Kesari asks him is this truth that its not him but Chirag is her father. Everyone gets shocked. Saksham asks her who told her this. Kesari tells that both Ashi and Shradha had an argument in which Ashi asked Shradha to tell her the truth about her father which she overhear it.

Ashi feels guilty so she looks down. Kesari demands Saksham to tell her the truth. Everyone looks speechless. Chirag goes to Kesari and apologises to her for hiding a truth from her that he is her father and seeks her forgiveness. He also tells that he is aware that Shradha made a mistake by hiding this from her.

Kesari tells that Shradha told her Saksham is her father though. Shradha apologises to Kesari for the lie and tells her that Chirag is her father. Chirag promises Kesari to take care of her. Kesari holds Chirag’s face and asks him is he is her father for real. Chirag nods hhis head yes and hugs her. Kesari hugs him back happily. The family members also shower love on Kesari.

Shradha gets emotional seeing the family members love for Kesari. She tells them that she knows well knowing unknowingly she made mistakes that put the Modi’s in trouble but whatever she did is for Kesari to get her father and her family and their love now she is happy to witness this infront of her. She is happy she dont want anything else from them and says that she is leaving the house.

She further tells that she want to request one thing to the family members to allow them to meet her Kesari whenever she wants to. Kesari looks upset. Mithila goes to Shradha and tells her that she is Kesari’s mother also she wanted Kesari to get both of her parents love so she isn’t going anywhere and she has every rights to stay here.

Shradha gets shocked and asks which rights she has to stay with them. Mithila tells the place which she is standing today she went through all this years back. The only difference is Minal give birth to Saksham Chirag and Tejal and the children’s started calling her and accepted her as their Bade Maa the same way Kesari will get a love from her Choti Maa. She also tells Shradha is part of the family too.

Ashi goes to Shradha and apologises to her for treating her ill and tells her to stay with them. Mithila praises Ashi for supporting what is right. She then tells Shradha that she won’t let her go anywhere. Shradha cries thanking Mithila. Chirag also asks Shradha to stay with them. Shradha agrees which makes everyone happy.

Mithila tells that this is all happened because of her daughter in law Gopika. Gopika tells it’s all because of the love trust they have on one another along with their unity. Kesari kisses both her parents cheek. Chirag pulls Ashi by his side. Ashi puts her head on Chirag’s shoulder happily. Mithila tells everyone to thank God and they all thanks God for the happiness God showered on them. They all looks on happily.

The end.

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