Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th March 2022 Written Update: Ramila pleads Mithila and Keshav-Minal to not to reveal her truth to Ashi


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The episode starts with Mithila goes to meet the blackmailer. Ramila thinks why she is standing like that. Mithila asks don’t she say anything today also and goes towards Ramila to put the money back. Ramila signs at Mithila to put the bag a little closer to her. Mithila asks her to take it from here itself. Ramila refuses and signs at her to put the bag closer to her which Mithila agrees and takes a step towards Ramila but acts like that she sprained her ankle so Ramila comes forward to take the money bag. Mithila signs at Keshav and Minal and thet both pulls the rope and net falls on Ramila. Ramila gets shocked and tries to come out of it.

Keshav and Minal goes towards her to catch her. Mithila calls Ramila Ji and Ramila stops herself from struggling to get rid of the net fall on her and curses herself for reacting to her name like this. Other side Gopika tells Subhadra about her exams and Subhadra tells then she must have get good marks. Gopika smiles and nods her head yes. Subhadra asks Gopika how many exams left to which Gopika tells there is only one last exam left for her which will take place the next day. Subhadra hugs Gopika. She tells that she felt like hugging her that’s why hugged her.

Gopika smiles at her. Mithila removes the net from Ramila also her joker mask and tells that she suspected her to be a blackmailer but not even once she thought her suspicious will become true. Minal asks Ramila that they are family yet she stooped this low and not even once she thought Ramila will do such things. Keshav snatches the money bag from Ramila and tells her that he is disappointed by her actions also tells her that they are family that’s why he is not calling police. Mithila says to Ramila that she should be ashamed of her behavior. Minal reminds Ramila that her daughter Ashi is their daughter in law what will happen if she learns the truth. Is she ever thought about it.

Ramila kneels down with a folded hands and asks them not to say anything to Ashi. Mithila tells that she is the reason behind her current state and not them. Minal calls Ramila as a betrayer and walks towards the exit with Mithila and Keshav. All three of them stop walking when Ramila asks them if she is a betrayer then what about them. They all turns around and looks at Ramila. Gopika tells Subhadra to have proper medicine and food then with the help of God she will recall her past which will help her to find her family.

Subhadra tells Gopika it’s not the medicine it’s her presence which is curing her and asks her not to leave her side. She also tells even if she don’t find her family to recover her memories she will be content because Gopika is also her daughter. Gopika gets emotional and tells Subhadra that she will go and bring food for her then leaves the room.

Mithila goes to Ramila and tells her that she is the one who stooped low and blackmailed them yet here she is accusing them for no reason. Minal and Keshav also scolds Ramila. Ramila accuses them for kidnapping Subhadra and locked her for the last twenty years. She defends herself saying that she is poor and her poverty lead her to blackmail them but they also locked Subhadra for their own selfish reason. Minal asks Ramila to not to accuse Mithila because she is not even have any idea that she and Keshav locked Subhadra also Mithila is the one who trying hard to cure Subhadra and unite her to her family.

Ramila taunts Mithila and Keshav-Minal then takes Gopika’s name. Mithila warns her not to bring Gopika inbetween them making Ramila laugh hard. She thanks God for letting her see the Modi’s in a confused state. She then tells the truth which she will reveal now will change everything in their family and takes the money bag from Keshav’s hand saying it’s hers now. Mithila asks Ramila to say what she is trying to tell them directly. Gopika brings food to Subhadra who is busy drawing something. Subhadra hides her sketch. Gopika asks her to show it to her. Subhadra refuses saying she will laugh at her.

Gopika tells that they both have lots of things in common and persuades her to show the sketch but Subhadra remains stubborn which leads Gopika to threaten her saying that she wont talk to her also meet her at all and decides to leave but Subhadra stops her and asks Gopika to not to leave her side. She then shows the sketch of Gopika’s childhood photo with her father. Gopika asks Subhadra who that little girl is. Subhadra tells that she doesn’t know. She also tells whenever she imagine Gopika as a kid this is the image she is coming up with. Gopika smiles and touches the sketch. Ramila tells Mithila and Keshav-Minal that Subhadra is none other than Gopika’s mother shocking all three of them. Mithila warns Ramila to not to lie to them.

Minal also tells that they won’t believe her. Ramila asks Mithila and Keshav-Minal to come with her to her house and she will show her the proofs. Mithila gives a final warning to Ramila about lying to them but Ramila tells if they found she is lying then she will surrender herself in the police station. Minal refuses to go with Ramila saying Ramila is lying but Mithila stops her and tells Ramila that they are ready to go with her to her house to find out about the truth. Gopika tells Subhadra that this is how she looked in her childhood too.

Ramila shows the dresses made by Subhadra for Gopika. Minal tells this can be anyone’s. Ramila then shows a photo of Gopika with her father. Subhadra asks Gopika to go and prepare for her next exam. Gopika agrees and leaves the place. Ramila shows a photo of a women and tells that she told Gopika she is her mother then opens the photo frame and reveals a childhood photo of Gopika with Subhadra shocking all of them. Minal questions Ramila why did she lied to Gopika about Subhadra to which Ramila tells that police was behind Subhadra that time. Later Keshav-Minal and Mithila comes to the house with a sad face. Gopika questions them about it. Saksham tells that they are upset because Gopika didn’t tell them how her exam went.

Gopika tells them about her exam. Mithila apologises to Gopika. Minal gets shocked and thinks to herself that she hope Mithila doesn’t reveal the truth to Gopika. Gopika asks Mithila to not to blame her for Priya’s actions. She also thanks Mithila for giving a mother love for her also thanks Minal and Keshav too. She then tells them that she has there mother’s and tells one is Mithila then Minal and then Subhadra. Mithila glares at Minal and looks at Gopika thinking that she isn’t aware what Minal did to her own mother Subhadra.

Saksham asks Gopika to not to make everyone emotional. He then asks her to prepare for her last exam which is Hindi. Gopika nods and leaves the place. Gopika goes to Priya’s room and mocks her from outside then leaves the place. Priya thinks to herself that she needs to find a way to stop Gopika from giving exam at any cost and looks at something in her room and gets happy.

Precap: Priya calls Gopika and tells her that she is going to kidnap her which will stop her from giving her exam. Gopika calls the family members and tells them about Priya’s threat. They all stands with Gopika to protect her.

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