Tera Mera Saath Rahe 2nd March 2022 Written Update: Mama Ji learns the truth about Modi’s


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The episode starts with Gopika asks the Modi’s to leave first she will come after taking care of Subhadra. They all agrees and leaves the place. Gopika comes to Subhadra’s room and gets shocked seeing her injuries and asks her what happened to her. How did she ger hurt. Subhadra asks Gopika who is she to her also why she is taking care of her. Gopika gets worried and calls Jumki for help when she sees her Subhadra fell unconscious. Jumki enters the room and helps Gopika to take Subhadra to the hospital. Chirag gets ready.

Keshav comes there by disguising himself. Chirag praises him. He the tells Keshav that Minal and Ashi also getting ready for their role. Ashi looks at herself in the mirror and tells Minal that she dont think she can able to do this. Minal asks Ashi to not to worry saying Priya will not find who they are because they both will cover their face with their veil and dupatta. Gopika asks the doctor about Subhadra’s condition. Doctor tells that Subhadra will be fine and asks Gopika who is she to Subhadra. Gopika tells that Subhadra is staying in her house only and urges the doctor to aid Subhadra. Doctor agrees and leaves the place. Saksham Priya and Mithila is on their way to the registration office.

Priya touches Saksham’s arm and smiles at him. Saksham forces a smile. Mithila looks at Priya and thinks to herself that she can’t wait their plan to get successfull and make Gopika as he daughter in law again. Chirag wonders why Gopika is not here yet. The doctor informs Gopika that they need to do an operation for Subhadra to which Gopika asks the doctor to start the procedure. She then decides to call Saksham and inform him but find she left her mobile in the house so worries how she is going to inform Saksham and family.

Chirag and others watches through the window that Saksham along with Mithila and Priya come to the office. He tells that Gopika is not here without her how come they can able to do this. Ashi asks him to call Gopika and he calls Gopika it rings but when she doesn’t answer Chirag gets worried. Priya tells Saksham and Mithila that yesterday the place was smelly but within a day they cleaned it real well. Saksham agrees making Priya to question him why did he visited the office. Mithila says that Saksham had to because of some ritual and questions Priya why did she visited. Saksham also demands answers from Priya.

Priya gets worried but tells both Saksham and Mithila that she is excited thats why she decided to visit the office the day before she is registering her marriage. They all decides to do enter the office. Chirag and others gets worried and decides to stop them before Priya learns the truth so they sends a message to Mithila asking them to not to enter saying Gopika is not here yet.

Gopika goes to the reception of the hospital and asks permission to use the phone to nurse but the nurse says the phone is not working. Another nurse comes there and asks Gopika’s signature to start Subhadra’s surgery. Gopika signs it. She then worries how she is going to reach the office also wonders what’s happening without her being there. Mithila informs Saksham about the message she received. She then acts and screams that she is in pain which makes Priya to stop from entering the office.

Mithila tells Priya that she is suffering from the same pain which she gone through yesterday and asks Priya to help her just like yesterday. Saksham also asks Priya to help Mithila so Priya agrees and goes and helps Mithila. The doctor tells Gopika that they are in need of blood also Subhadra’s blood group is rare one so they are asking help from the nearest blood bank. Gopika tells she has the same blood group which leads the doctor ask Gopika is she related to Gopika saying the close relations only share these blood groups. Gopika wonders what kind of relation she share with Subhadra because she didnt met her before. Priya asks Mithila to get cured soon makes Saksham to act angry. He acts and asks Priya is she trying to say that Mithila is acting.

Priya gets worried and tells that she didnt meant like that and tells they are getting late. She then asks Saksham to but ointment for Mithila. Saksham thinks that he need to know what’s happening around so he agrees to Priya’s words and leaves the place. Chirag and others worries that Gopika is not here yet. Saksham brings the ointment. Priya moves forward. She receives a call from Mama Ji saying he is in a registration office only making her confuse and she tells where she is. Before she talks further Mithlila calls Priya to help her to aid her so Priya cuts the call and goes to help her. Mama Ji thinks there is something fishy so he needs to find out and leaves the real registration office to where Priya told him.

Ramila sees Gopika in the hospital and questions what is she doing here. Gopika talks to her rudely and goes inside the room to give blood to Subhadra. Ramila wonders what’s happening. Mama Ji reaches the registration office. Saksham and Mithila sess him but distracts Priya from seeing her. Chirag and Keshav take Mama Ji inside the room. Mama Ji gets shocked seeing the Modi’s are disguised themself and trying to fool Priya so he decides to alert but they ties him and covers his mouth and eyes. Gopika wonders why she is feeling a connection towards Subhadra. She then decides to leave for the office once she gives enough blood to Subhadra.

Priya tells that she can’t wait anymore and walks towards the office but Saksham signs at the theatre artist who stops Priya and tells her that the officer is yet to come so asks her wait for a while. Ramila tries to see who Gopika is helping but the attendant asks her not to invade others privacy and make her leave the place. Priya tells Saksham that they can go to the family court to register the wedding when Saksham suggests that they can register their marriage the next day.

Saksham tells that why they have to go the real court making Priya to question him but Mithila covers him up saying if they goes to the bigger office then it will take months to take appointment so they have to wait until tomorrow. Priya blames Gopika and then decides to inform Mama Ji but Saksham and Mithila stops her making Priya to wonder why they always have an answer or explanation ready. Mithila thinks that she knows that Gopika is in trouble or something so she needs to go and find what happened to her.

Precap: Chirag and others shouts at Saksham and Priya. Priya gets confused seeing their actions. Saksham urges her to sign the papers. Priya agrees and starts signing the papers all of sudden Mama Ji comes out of the cupboard shocking everyone.

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