Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th June 2022 Written Update: Shardha’s request to shock the Modi’s


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The episode starts with Shradha apologises to Kesari for slapping her and then hugs her. She starts crying and gets worried about her getting hurt. Kesari assures she is okay. The Modi’s looks sad. Shradha tells that she loves her so much to Kesari.

Later Chirag pleads the doctor to check the DNA report again but the latter disconnects the call. He decides to go somewhere but Ashi comes there and stops him forcibly then pleads him to forgive her saying she felt wrong she knows that but she did all this because he made her feel unsafe. Now she realised her mistake so pleads Chirag to forgive her. Chirag scolds her for justifying her acts and refuses to forgive her. Mithila comes there and scolds both Chirag and Ashi. She then tells Ashi that unless until she tells her she has to talk to people via signs. Ashi says it’s not possible to not to talk.

Mithila warns her. She then thinks already Saksham and Gopika’s life get ruined now she don’t want the same to happen with Chirag and Ashi so she has to do this all this way Chirag’s anger towards Ashi may lessen soon. The Modi’s comes to the living room. Mithila asks why they all are here. Shradha says she is the one who called them. She also says that she wants to tell them something important and calls the lawyer. Everyone gets confused and shocked. Mithila asks Shradha what is she going to do now. Jigar and Kesari plays upstairs.

Shradha tells the Modi’s that she called the lawyer to make Saksham and Gopika adopt Kesari Kesari shocking everyone. She further says that it’s not easy for her to leave her daughter who she loves her the most but Kesari wanted her father and his love so she is ready to sacrifice this. Mithila and Minal worries about Kesari’s reaction. Shardha tells that Gopika is here to take care of Kesari. They both loves each other so she feels safe to leave her around though. She also tells Kesari will get either her mother’s love or father’s love and she is going to give her her father’s love.

Mithila apologises to Shradha for misunderstanding her and blesses her. Shradha praises her saying she has a big heart also tells the family members that she dont want to come in between Saksham and Gopika. She is very clear that she want her daughter to get her father’s love now she get it so she dont want anything else.

Jigar tells Kesari that Shradha is going to leave her here. Kesari tells that she wants to live with her both parents. Jigar tells that his mother says always God will fulfill their every wish. Shradha tells the Modi’s that she has to complete the formalities and leave before Kesari sees her because if she saw her then she wont let her leave though. She asks about Saksham’s whereabouts.

Mithila asks the same to Gopika but the latter tells she hadn’t seen him since the morning so Chirag goes to search for Saksham. Saksham in his room sits at a corner in a dark and recalls whatever happened and looks sad. Kesari arranges a aarti plate and starts the puja and pleads God to let her stay with both her parents. Chirag searches for Saksham everywhere.

He walks past the room and gets shocked seeing Kesari is doing puja alone and the Diya is about to fall on Kesari. He pleads Kesari to open the door but the latter asks him not to disturb her because she is doing puja. Chirag gets worried when he sees the door is locked so he calls out Saksham. The Modi’s hears Chirag’s voice and thinks something happened to Saksham so they hurries upstairs meawhile Saksham also goes where Chirag is. Chirag tells them that Kesari is doing puja and the Diya is going to fall on her anytime soon.

They all breaks the door and goes inside. Saksham calls Kesari’s name and latter turns around and the Diya about to fall on her but both Saksham and Gopika prevent it. Shradha scolds Kesari for scaring her everyone also asks her not to go near the fire but Kesari tells until the God fulfill her wish to be with both her parents she will come here to do the puja. Everyone gets worried.

Gopika assures Kesari everything will happen according to her wish only and both her parents will stay with her shocking the family members. She also asks Kesari to not to go near the fire and the latter agrees to it. Later Gopika in her room recalls Kesari’s words about how much she missed her father and the time she spent with her also how she demanded Shradha to marry Saksham. In the living room Shradha tells the Modi’s that Kesari is asleep so she is going to leave now.

Munna tells her that he will drop her out. Keshav tells Shradha isn’t going anywhere. Munna warns him saying he dont care who that person is if Gopika’s happiness is at stake. Chirag agrees with Munna. Munna takes Shradha with him. Gopika comes there and stops Munna and Shradha and says that Shradha will not go anywhere shocking the family members.

Munna tells Gopika that she is ruining her life and sacrificing her happiness for others every time and why it has to be her. Gopika tells that’s what written in her fate so she cant able to do anything. She also tells that she has taken a decision which will fulfill the promise she made to Kesari. The family members looks at her confusedly. Gopika calls the priest and says to everyone Saksham and Shardha’s marriage will take place in two days. Saksham pleads Gopika to not to punish him and tells him he won’t marry Shradha because he loves her only.

Shradha also refuses to marry Saksham but Gopika remains stubborn in her decision saying she dont want Kesari to long for one of her parents love the way she longed for her parents love in her childhood. She then tells the priest Saksham and Shradha’s marriage is going to take place in two days so asks him to make the arrangements for the same. The family members looks upset.

Precap: Gopika calls everyone to the living room and tells its necessary for her and Saksham to divorce so that he can able to marry Shradha shocking everyone. Saksham and Gopika signs the divorce papers. Saksham looks anything and upset.

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