Tera Mera Saath Rahe Upcoming Story: Will Gopika take a stand for herself?


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Starbharath’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with more dramas after Mithila decides to confront Ramila about Gopika’s true nature. Now it will be interesting to see what will Ramila do to save Ashi and herself from getting caught? Will Mithila learn about Gopika’s timid nature?

In the current track it shown that Ashi asks Gopika to help her and acts like that she is suffering a lot and makes Gopika feel guilty which lead Gopika to agree to help Ashi. Mithila prays god to give her a sign which will help her to find Gopika’s true nature. Gopika does everything Ashi asks her to. Ashi then gets scared seeing the rat and makes the prasad from Gopika’s to hand to fall to the ground so she orders Gopika to clean the kitchen. Hearing the sound both Mithila and Baa to go to the kitchen and sess Ashi is ordering Gopika. Mithila asks Ashi to do her work also tells Gopika that she reprimand her from taking part in this puja so she has to be in her room.

Baa takes Mithila out of the kitchen before Mithila looses her cool. VJ confesses his love for Thejal and asks her to accept his love saying everyone wants to see them together when Thejal goes to meet him in the place in which VJ asked her to. Thejal gets shocked and surprised with VJ’s confession. Mithila tells Baa that she herself witnessed how Gopika let Ashi dominate her so now she is worried whether her decision to choose Gopika for Saksham is right or wrong if its wrong then her son will never forgive her. Baa tells Mithila sometimes a girl will act like this after she enters a house as a daughter in law because the circumstances are new to her so let her talk to Gopika first.

Mithila agrees at the same time she decides to confront Ramila about Gopika. Gopika recalls how she disappointed Mithila each time and tells that she dont want to disappoint her but each time she repeats it while drawing Lord Ganesha. Baa comes there and asks Gopika what happened in the kitchen. Gopika tells her everything she then goes to take a blessing from the mouse because Baa told her it’s a vehicle which Lord Ganesha uses. Ashi plans to kill the rat but she gets confused how much poison she needs to give the rat so she calls Ramila but gets annoyed when Ramila doesn’t understand her so she decides to put the pills in each laddu to kill the rat. Gopika asks the mouse to come out so that she can take the blessings then she gets the rat poison bottle in her hand and wonders what it is. Ramila gets a call from Mithila who invites her to the puja.

Ramila gets happy but gets shocked and starts worrying when Mithila tells her that she wants to talk to her about something that’s related to Gopika. Saksham questions Gopika when he sees her getting ready. Gopika tells Saksham that she is going to take blessings from the mouse. Saksham gets confused then he warns Gopika to not to do something that will make Mithila sad and leaves the room.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Gopika will say to Lord Ganesh that she will save the mouse. She then feed the mouse the prasad. Everyone will see that. Ashi will get furious at Gopika for ruining her plans to kill the mouse. She will go to Gopika’s room to teach her a lesson. Mithila will say to Baa that she will get answers for her questions and follow Ashi.

Ashi will scold Gopika. Mithila will watch Ashi and Gopika from outside the room.

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