Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 13th June 2022 Written Update: Devraj’s heartfelt apology to Krisha


Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 13th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Krisha giving herself 5 minutes of time, in order to cry for all the misery she has gone through. She cries for the pain she suffered and the test she has given to prove herself to Devraj. Meanwhile, the latter gets furious at Vamika and shouts at her for betraying them. He confronts that how she stooped so low and rebukes her for lying to them. She shouts that she loves him and has done everything to get him. He gets shocked along with the other members. She holds him and cries stating that her love is true and she didn’t had any other choice to get him.

Here, Devraj gets mad at Vamika and declares about his love towards Krisha. He proclaims that she can never take place in his heart, as it always belongs to Krisha. Whereas, Vamika looses her calm and starts begging Devraj to accept her. Meanwhile, Krisha stops crying and encourages herself to take a stand for her self-esteem. She declares that she can’t stay in the palace and determines to leave it.

Krisha packs her stuffs in order to go away from Devraj’s life. Whereas, Vamika starts laughing like a maniac and tells Devraj that she almost gets successful in separating him from Krisha. He gets furious and gives her a warning to stay away from his and Krisha’s life.

Elsewhere, Vamika begs Devraj not to leave her. She says that she can’t stay without him, while he gets frustrated with her behaviour. Jaya keeps an eye on her daughter and suddenly slaps her. She rebukes Vamika and ask her to get out of the palace. She declares that it’s the least punishment she is giving to her for her mistake.

Jaya was about to throw Vamika out of the house, when Devraj stops her. Vamika and Jaya smirks, while he proclaims that Vamika has helped them many a times. He reminds that how she stopped the palace from getting sold and declares that she will stay in the palace itself.

Ahead, Devraj ask Vamika to rectify her mistake, while she acts to be innocent and replies that she learnt her lesson. Meanwhile, Krisha comes downstairs along with her luggage. Devraj gets shocked seeing it and questions that where is she going. She replies that she gets tired of giving justification of her love and tells her decision of leaving the palace.

Rati and Devraj tries to stop her and assures that it won’t happen again, to which Krisha denies to believe him and says that the marriage isn’t a game for her. She tells that he will always choose his responsibilities over his love. He apologises to her and bends down to beg her to stay. She makes him stand up and says that they weren’t made for each other. She hugs Rati and leaves from there.

Further, Devraj gets heartbroken, while Vamika smirks and goes inside her room. She remembers how Jaya slaps her and becomes furious, while the latter comes and apologises to her. Vamika scolds Jaya for not stopping Krisha from exposing her, while Jaya rebukes the latter for raising her voice against her. Jaya thinks about bringing Vamika to the path of revenge, while the latter proclaims to get Devraj anyhow. She determines to kill Krisha and marry Devraj.

The episode ends.

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