Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 14th March 2023 Written Update: Armaan tells the link between Kavya and Isha


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Episode starts with the conversation between Veer and Isha. Veer tries to provoke Isha but dhe doesn’t give any attention. Later, in the car, Isha about a another werewolf, but Veer doesn’t give her any proper answer.

Here, Armaan asks Mahek whether she can do help for him. But Mahek hesitates to do that as she recently come to know about Arman. Then Armaan says he is searching for Isha, she went with Veer.

Then he gives her a bracelet through which she could find out the location of Isha. But Mahek fails to put the magic on the bracelet. The magic doesn’t work for this. Here, Veer and Isha come in a coffee shop where a girl welcomes him very warmly and who is the ex girlfriend of Veer. When the girl doubts whether Isha is his girlfriend.

When Isha denies, that girl describes funnily her own past love story. The girl directly asks Veer what does he want from her. Samir asks Vihaan about his history project. He explains that he is researching about his own family and ancestor history. Here, Vihaan comes in a library and meets a girl coincidentally.

Mahek, in her room, feels that the power of herself has reduced or locked. She feels uneasy and asks her Grandmother about this power structure but she directly says no one can help him in this process. She have to help herself in terms of getting back the power. She goes to the forest and tries to indentify the process, suddenly she enters in the soil ground.

After getting back her sense, Mahek screams in fear and asks for help, but she hears some odd chaos in the cave. Then Veer and his ex-girlfriend discuss how would they enter in the cave. Veer suggests to break the spell of Chandrika, but she says there’s no way. Isha is called by Veer whether she is alright, when Isha misunderstands Armaan about Kavya and her resemblance, he wants to sort out the problem.

Getting no exquisite solution, Armaan goes to the grand mother for aiding him, but she tells him to go with Mahek. Here, in the coffee shop, Isha eagers to know many questions about werewolves, and also asks about Kavya, but Veer doesn’t give any answer.

Here, Vihaan and Jahana, the new girl discuss about the history of Landslade and werewolves. When, Mahek shivers in fear and hears many grotesque spooky sound, then Armaan reaches there and saves him. After getting free, Mahek asks him about the forthcoming problem, but Armaan pacifies her.

Here in the party of Cafe, when Jahan gives a signified gesture to someone who later kidnapps Isha. When Veer comes outside, he is beaten up badly by a another werewolf, as Veer snatched the life of his girlfriend, Tina. He looks revengeful on Veer.

When Veer loses his power, then Ranbir spreads some inflammable oil on him and tries to burn out. Then Isha tries to motivate him and spares Veer. Veer needs some Shyamtulsi from Isha.

Armaan brings Mahek to her house, and Mahek thanks Armaan for saving her life. Miki also seems angry on Veer, but Veer kills Miki also to know the secret of the cave of Kavya. Isha and Veer discuss about their werewolf life. Here, Isha comes to Armaan and says hello to each other. Isha recalls about Kavya’s picture.

Isha asks Armaan why did he lie about the appearance of Kavya. As Armaan promised Isha that he won’t hide anything from her, Isha questions who is she to him. Armaan says there is no resemblance between the character of Kavya and Isha. He doesn’t see Kavya in Isha.

When Isha asks Armaan about he came to know about Isha, whether she loved her for the resemblance of Kavya. Then Armaan explains that he first met Isha in the day of the accident, when she lost her parents. She was saved by Armaan on that day.

Then for few days he kept on eyes on her, but fall for her and engages in love. Later, he doesn’t tell anything to her. Isha questions him about the relation between Kavya and Isha. But Armaan alarms Isha whether she can bear the truth. When Isha nods the head, Armaan says Isha was adopted by Sharma family.

Episode ends.

Precap: Isha will be attacked by another werewolf.

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