Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th March 2023 Written Update: Isha is attacked by another werewolf


Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with a party in the Landslade where everyone joins. Samir meets Malini and they converse with each other gleefully. Malini talks about Vihaan. Samir expresses his heart to Malini, he is asked about his wife. He expresses how badly he spent his days without his wife. Here, Cherry, Isha and Mahek talk with eachother frankly. When Mahek asks Isha about Veer, she confirms he will behave himself today. Veer when proceeds to talk with Mahek then, Mahek feels hesitated. Meanwhile, Armaan joins them. Anand also arrives there, Armaan feels something worng in his surroundings. Isha asks Armaan about the new coming werewolf. Isha asks about his past days, she expresses the interest how was days before. Jahana requests Vihaan to join her.

Veer roams in the party and continues to drink, he stares at Armaan and Isha and feels jealous. Samir introduces himself to Veer and they continue their talking. Veer says he has come to protect his brother, Armaan. They talk about the responsibility of Armaan. Veer also describes the character of Armaan. Samir indicates something very curious about Veer and Armaan. Veer doubts about Samir and says nothing. Here, Cherry and Mahek continue their talking. When Mahek likes a bar attender and proceeds to talk with him. Mahek goes to that bar attender and asks for a date. Cherry calls Laksh and asks about his odd behaviour. Cherry feels very hurt about his behaviour.

Jahana shows the interest about the journal of the history. When Vihaan says he has gifted it to Samir, Jahana glares her eyes. She becomes angry and goes away. Isha tries to cheer up the mood of Armaan and asks him to dance. Isha and Armaan start to dance in a retro song. All others people also start to dance. Isha looks very happy and satisfied to be with Armaan. Jahana comes to another boy which is also werewolf. They talk about the past days of Kavya and two brothers. They are both opponent of Armaan and Veer. They conspire how to spoil the relationship between Armaan and Isha.

Armaan fears if his brother do anything mischievous. Armaan goes to find out Veer. Meanwhile, Isha is asked to come outside by that boy and threats her about Vihaan. She is asked come outside as soon as possible. Later, she is locked in a room and fails to come. She is attacked by this new werewolf. Though she tries to kill him, it doesn’t hit him. Meanwhile, Armaan and Veer come and start fight with him. The boy feels jealous of Isha as she looks Kavya. Meanwhile, Samir again meets Veer, Veer asks Samir why did he come to Landslade. Actually, Samir has seen them fighting but Veer makes him oblivious about the incident.
Episode ends.

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