Teri Meri Doriyaann 29th December 2023 Written Update: Yash decides to get rid of Junune Dil

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The episode starts with Garry saying to Yash that he shouldn’t have hit Garry for such a small thing. Yash reminds Garry that Yash is his father and asks Garry not to try to teach him. Yash asks Garry to leave from here. Garry leaves from there.

Yash asks Sanjay why did he allow Ambulance inside. Sanjay says it was Garry’s order so he had to do it. Yash thinks Garry is a burden and decides to throw Garry out of his life once his revenge against the Brar is over. Sahiba eavesdrops on it. Sahiba thinks Yash doesn’t care about anyone for himself.

Sahiba recalls what happened and thinks Garry doesn’t know that Yash will throw him out of his business soon.

Jasleen is shown to be taking treatment in the hospital. Sahiba says to the family that doctor said that until Jasleen regains consciousness they couldn’t meet her.

Sahiba goes to check on Angad. Angad asks Sahiba how is Jasleen. Sahiba asks Angad to first take care of himself. Angad feels guilty as his family is in this situation due to his mistake.

Garry comes to the hospital and enquires the Brar family about Jasleen’s condition. Inder lashes out at Garry.

Garry asks Sahiba to tell him about Jasleen’s condition. Sahiba says Jasleen is in the ICU. Garry feels guilty hearing this. Garry tries to go into the ICU to meet Jasleen but Angad stops Garry and lashes out at him. Angad asks Garry to leave from here. Sahiba stops Angad from raising his hand at Garry.

Garry is about to leave from the hospital but before leaving he overhears the doctor saying to Brar family that Jasleen’s condition is really serious and right now they can’t tell anything before she regains consciousness.

Yash asks his staff why did the order go to the Oberoi’s instead of the Mehta’s. Garry says he gave the order to the Oberoi’s as they deliver it on time. Yash scolds Garry for taking his own decision without Yash’s permission.

The Brar family sees that Jasleen is not regaining consciousness. The Brar family worries about Jasleen. Prabjyot makes a suggestion to the Brar family that they should allow Garry to meet Jasleen and says she might regain consciousness hearing Garry’s voice. Akaal doesn’t agree to Prabjyot’s suggestion.

Yash and Parth talk about diamond Junune Dil. Garry asks Yash to make him part of this deal. Yash scolds Garry and sends him away.

Yash says to Parth that once this diamond Junune Dil leaves India tomorrow there will be no proof against him. Yash asks Parth to deliver this diamond to a Russian client. Parth asks Yash why did he not make Garry part of this deal. Yash comments on Garry and says to Parth that he is going to throw Garry out of his life soon.

Sahiba and Angad talk about how to get out of this predicament. Angad says to Sahiba that only if they catch Yash red handed with the diamond only then will they be able to save their family and their business.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Yash thinks once that diamond leaves India he will cancel Angad’s bail and make sure he goes to jail.

Sahiba says to Angad that someone came to meet him. Angad sees that it is Garry.

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