Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th March 2023 Written Update: Jasleen decides to find out who is Garry’s new girlfriend

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The episode starts with Garry getting a call from his mom. Jasleen gets angry as Garry cuts her call and tries to call him again. Garry takes the call video call. Jasleen asks Garry where is he? Garry says he is in some busy work. Jasleen asks Garry where is he again? While Garry is talking to Jasleen, Seerat calls Garry’s name. Jasleen asks Garry who is the women he is with? Garry cuts the call. Jasleen gets angry at Garry didn’t answer her questions. Jasleen sends the maids away from there. Garry scolds Seerat for coming when he is talking with someone.

Veer distracts Gurleen and makes her go to a side instead of Kirat. Veer sets Kirat moustache straight as it is falling off. Prabjyot couldn’t believe Sahiba did all this decoration and says to Gurleen about it. Gurleen confirms that Sahiba did all this work alone. Prabjyot doesn’t has a choice to believe after hearing this. Gurleen asks Veer that he has seen him somewhere pointing to Kirat. Veer says there is no chance.

Gurleen comes to Angad and asks what is he distracted with? Angad says there is nothing. Gurleen says Akaal is calling him to Sahiba’s room.

Angad looks at his laptop and talks with Babuji the investigator on the phone. Angad hears Sahiba’s voice and comes to Sahiba’s room without knowing it himself. Angad sits beside Sahiba. Angad and Sahiba takes Guruji’s blessings. Sahiba sees Angad. Angad leaves from there. Princy asks Sahiba the meaning of the name of Angad. Sahiba says Angad means a part of our body. Prince says to Sahiba just like she is part of Angad.

Nitu says to Jasleen that the girl with Garry might be another one of his girlfriends. Jasleen comments on what Nitu said. Jasleen decides to find out who is Garry’s girlfriend.

Seerat argues with Garry as he is getting angry at her for small things all the time. Seerat questions Garry about it.

Nitu says to Jasleen that this girlfriend might be a real one and Garry might be waiting for the right time to tell her. Jasleen says she doesn’t care whose his girlfriend is and says he has to marry the woman she chooses. Jasleen says she doesn’t want Garry’s life to be like Angad.

Garry apologises to Seerat for his behaviour and goes to bring Chinese food for Seerat to cheer her up.

Angad gets a call from Babuji the investigator and he says that Seerat is in Highway guest house near here. Babuji says he also saw the CCTV footage and it is Seerat.

Sahiba asks Angad to take the Prashad. Angad says he will take the Prashad after coming back. Angad says he found Seerat and says he will bring her back and end this family drama.

Angad reaches the highway guest house. Babuji says to Angad that Seerat is in room no 506. Seerat calls Garry and asks him to come soon. Garry says he will be with her in 2 min. Seerat starts reverse counting the time waiting for Garry. Angad goes inside the hotel alone recalling Sahiba’s words. Angad thinks to himself today he will know who Seerat eloped with and betrayed him. Seerat opens the door.

Episode ends.

Precap – Akaal will be very happy. Jabjyot says to Akaal that he should gift Sahiba something. Akaal agrees and asks Sahiba what does she want? Sahiba requests Akaal to go to her house for a ritual. Akaal says she can’t do that ritual alone. Manveer says no one from this house will go to Sahiba’s house. Angad comes and says he will go to Sahiba’s house as it is the first time that Sahiba has requested them something.

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