Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Upcoming Story: Will Naina create another drama at the wedding?


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Colors TV show Thoda Sa is story of a kind hearted girl Kajol who always thinks about others before herself. Anurag a successful doctor falls in love with this nature of Kajol as she resembles his mother a lot. Anurag and Kajol are finally together after facing a lot of difficulties and about to get married. Kaushik fakes a heart attack and calls Bulti back to his house. Kajol finds out about Kaushik’s lie and goes to rescue Bulti with the help of Anurag. Kajol and Anurag all set to get married but will Priyanka create trouble for the lovebirds again?

Kajol told she doesn’t want to file any complaint against Priyanka or her mother as one of them have to drop their weapons or the fight won’t stop. Anurag told she won’t be successful any ways because even if she can proof Kajol a liar police cannot arrest her now and the marriage will take place today. Kajol told Priyanka’s mother there is no proof against her and they can proof Priyanka’s statement false because she is a liar but if they file a case against her no one can save her.

Anurag and Kajol’s marriage ceremony began. Anurag and Kajol got married as Maahi Re plays in BM. Panditji tells Kajol and Anurag to take blessings from the elders. Thakur Maa said finally our princess got her prince. Everyone blessed the newly wed to be happy. Arjun thought he won’t let Kajol leave in peace.

Naina told Kajol to give the press keys to her as Arjun needs money to start a new business. Kajol told now Apu will run the press with her help and even Naina is welcome to help but not to break. Everyone hugs and became emotional over Kajol’s Bidai.

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