Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story : Malhar enquiries old lady about Trilok

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Episode starts with Kalyani sees Trilok standing still outside her house and thinks Pawar kaka will bring the old lady anytime soon, what will happen if Trilok see her. Kalyani acts like covid symptoms person asks Trilok to come inside so she can prepare tea for him. Trilok hurriedly starts the car saying he had wor just than Pawar brings that woman to Malhar place. Trilok notices her with mask while going out.

Woman shouts on them for bringing her without any reason. Malhar says he needs some info from her. Seeing Kalyani that woman says so much danger for you, don’t go to Trilok house. Malhar asks Pawar to take the old lady to out house. Kalyani says he won’t get any proof against Trilok and thinks how Trilok will manage Suhana. Malhar says he will manage like before.

Malhar asks the old lady to tell them what she knows about Trilok and his house. She tries to say something but can’t reveal properly. Malhar asks Pawar to make her rest for sometime.

Pawar asks Malhar about shooting. Malhar says that shoot is happening on his biopic. Pawar asks him to make him get Mallika autograph. Malhar asks is every hero in police character is taller. Pawar says true but he informs that Amir khan film is hit even though hes short and Pawar suggest him to make boots with heel. Malhar agrees and asks him to hide this matter from others.

Trilok in dark room think about Malhar with gun. Mallika says I’m glad that reputated officer is taking my autograph. Kalyani hides and listens their convo. Mallika asks Malhar to tell her more about Kalyani so she can play her character in realistic way. Malhar says what to say about her. Kalyani enters and asks him to tell about their marriage. Mallika insists him to reveal. Anupriya enters to that place. Malhar says Kalyani is fat that time do to save her from rejections he married her. Mallika praises him. Kalyani thinks to take revenge on him.

Old lady gets flashes of Trilok house and wakes up saying she is alive, I know it. Pawar asks Malhar about hid new shoes. Malhar says good idea and he asks him to hide it from others. Kalyani notice him keenly and asks why she feel something is different. Malhar says his height is same like before. Kalyani says yes your height is different, why are you wearing shoes at home.  Malhar tries to change topic. Mallika asks Kalyani about her role. Malhar teaches how to shoot to hero. Hero throws paper at Mallika but it’s hit Kalyani back. Kalyani reads letter and thinks Malhar want to patch up with Me with kiss.

Malhar asks old woman to have food. Old lady hungrily eats jilebi. Malhar thinks to get truth when she asks for water. Old lady asks for water. Malhar asks her to reveal the truth. Old lady reveals Trilok removed from her job. Malhar asks why. Old lady cries for water. Malhar asks Rao to give water. After having water old lady says Divya madam. Malhar asks who’s Divya. just then old lady faints.

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