Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Story: Trilok comes to Kalyani house to know about her health condition

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Episode starts with Anupriya says Kalyani will decide the colour. Malhar says yeah. Kalyani says purple. Everyone agrees. Malhar asks them to end their fights and asks Kalyani about what she prepared for lunch. Kalyani says brijsl curry. Malhar gets shocked and leaves outside and thinks who use Purple than he get Pawar call.  Malhar asks Pawar to find out about the woman and says he is sure that she has some information. A masked woman comes and hugs Malhar. Kalyani seperates them and shouts at that girl for hugging her husband. She removed her mask. Malhar smiles seeing her and stops Kalyani when she tried to hit her. Malhar reveals she is Mallika. Kalyani shouts at her again for following Malhar. Aaosaheb stops her saying she gave building for movie shoot and reveals that Mallika is film heroine.

Aaosaheb apologies to Mallika. Mallika says I got excited listening Malhar house is here so I excitedly hugs him, it’s my mistake too. Malhar asks her to meet him when she is free and ask her to take his help if they have any cop role in their movie. Mallika agrees. Kalyani feels jealous. Aaosaheb takes Mallika to her unit members. Kalyani imagines like she is slapping Mallika.

 Malhar gets Pawar call, he informs him that they saw unknown lady near Trilok house. Malhar asks them to bring that lady to his house without Trilok knowledge.

Anupriya says to Sarthak that Kalyani will stays at home to make sure Mallika is not near to Malhar. Sarthak says I feel they are acting. Anupriya says  it’s good in this acting way Kayani and Malhar comes close to eachother. Kalyani enters kitchen and Sarthak acts like he is fighting with Anupriya and leaves from that place. Anupriya says Rane family men are not trust worthy. Kalyani asks her to not over think. Anupriya says thinks why Malhar takes leave suddenly after Mallika entry. Kalyani calls Trilok and takes leave saying she is unwell. Anupriya says you did good. Kalyani says I took this leave for taking care of Moksh. Mallika says casting members must have Malhar pics. Malhar says he used to get offers but he became police once he cleared ips. Kalyani comes to them and says looks wise he is fine but he is short. Malhar leaves to attend call.

Anupriya thanks Sarthak for helping her to unite Kalyani with Malhar. Sarthak says no need of thanks and I’m always with you. Anupriya gives Sarthak his medicine.

Malhar says why you tried to humiliate me. Kalyani says I’m saying truth, heroes height is More than you than she gets Trilok call and he says he is coming to her place. Malhar thinks Pawar also coming here along with that lady it’s gonna be problem if Trilok saw her. He tries to call him but it won’t connect.

Kalyani acts like she fell down and asks Malhar to help her. Malhar keeps her on bed and says he knows that she is acting to be sick. Kalyani closes his mouth and covers them with duvvet and asks him to not reveal it to Trilok otherwise she reveals Trilok that you’re enquiring that mad woman. Trilok enters Kalyani room and asks about her health. Kalyani acts like she have covid symptoms. Trilok leaves from that place and asks her to get better treatment. On r he leaves Kalyani says Malhar that he can’t make her lose the job.

Punishes Kalyani for doubting him and says Trilok shall not know that I am enquiring about him.

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