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Episode starts with Kalyani asks Suhana did you have your food. Both gets shocked with Clock sound with strange song. Kalyani notices Suhana is scared and assures her that some fault with clock and goes to fix it but Kalyani notices Proxy wire behind clock and she follows the wire abd thinks what’s the story behind this wire. Kalyani reaches to cupboard and thinks this wire is connected from cupboard and she opens the cupboard and notices Trilok, she asks him what are you doing, I heard song from here.

Malhar notices Trilok Marathe file in their database and founds it empty and he thinks someone maybe deleted the content and Trilok is dangerous than my expectations, I must expose him infront of Kalyani and family.

Kalyani goes inside the cupboard and notices it’s dark room and someone on swing chair and she gets more shocked seeing the doll. Trilok says it’s Divya doll and this room is fully furnished with Divya things, I stay here to feel her presence and I keep Suhana away from this room so she won’t remember her mom. Kalyani asks about the song she heard from the room. Trilok plays song from recorder and explains that he recorded Divya voice when she used to sang this song and morning byou notice the food mark on Divya cloth that’s because I used to have food at this place. 

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Kalyani about to leave but notices switch connected to antique clock. Trilok says he tried to repair it but it didn’t happen and he knows Suhana scared of clock song but he can’t remove it because it’s his Divya favourite and so he is spending in thise times. Kalyani says you’re talking like my Aayi favourite show hero who behaves like you than gets her Aayi call and leaves from room. Anupriya says to Kalyani that she can’t live with Sarthak and she wants divorce. Anupriya asks Aaosaheb whether her acting is good. Sarthak says over acting. Aaosaheb says it’s goid acting. Kalyani says Sarthak chacha loves you don’t divorce him. Anupriya says I will search lawyer if you won’t help me and cuts the call. Kalyani thinks to meet Malhar to get the solution for divorce. Mad women stops Kalyani saying house is danger. Kalyani says she is leaving from house and leaves.

Sarthak says he needs divorce to Malhar and he gets shocked. Kalyani reaches to station at the same time. Sarthak says he needs divorce abd won’t change his decision, what’s Malhar mistake if he is doubting Trilok with whom you’re working. Kalyani says their nokhjhoks are out of love and she helps Malhar in his mission to search proofs against Trilok. Sarthak says his divorce decision is final and leaves.

Malhar says what are you talking. Kalyani says Trilok is good and informs Malhar about Mad woman who warns her about Khatra in Trilok house and she asks him to act and tell Sarthak and Anupriya that we both are in Mission to get evidence against Trilok.

Kalyani again gets phone from house and says again. Sarthak says Aaosaheb your written dialogues are tough. Aaosaheb says its final and asks them to start acting because Kalyani and Malhar arrived to home. Both fights for the colour of doors. Malhar says why you guys are fighting for simple things and she asks Sarthak to agree with Anupriya. Sarthak asks if you agree with Kalyani choice. Malhar says I’m fine with Kalyani choice. Anupriya asks Kalyani to choose the colour for their house.

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