Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Update: Aasmaa threatens to kill Alia


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The episode starts with Raja pouring water on Aasmaa. He isn’t aware it’s kerosene. The fire caught on her dhuppatta. Armaan and Ekam rushes to save her. Alia feels happy to see it. She says to Raja that he poured kerosene on Aasmaa. She is her sister. His could he do it with her? She pretends like ask him if she alright? Ekam slaps Raja and says that he tried to kill his daughter. He shouldn’t stay in this house. Armaan stops him and says that he is his brother. Aasmaa says that Raja mistaken it as water. He doesn’t know it’s Kerosene. Ekam says that he can’t even find out kerosene. He should stay in the mental asylum. He slaps Raja. Alia thinks that she did the Grahshanthi pooja. Sukhi points Rifle at his head. Ekam asks him if he going to shoot him? He says that Raja is a criminal. He will kill Alia and Aasmaa.

Ekam says that he was unlucky. His daughter paying for it. Armaan takes Sukhi from there. Armaan asks him to control himself. Sukhi loses his cool and vented out his anger on Rano. He asks her why he is scolding mom for it. Ekam asks his daughters not to stay in this house. He forced them to go with them. Aasmaa says to him that she can’t leave from this house. We have to stay here. Nana says that she is right. He couldn’t take her from here like this. Nana takes Ekam from there. Alia claps there. She says that she thought to arrange a grahshanthi pooja to convince dad. But he got more angry today. Alia says that she trapped her in her own plan. Because of her Raja going to mental hospital again. She can imagine who asked him to pour Kerosene on her. Aasma is shocked. She notices Armaan there and covered her with a dhuppatta.

Alia asks her to wear it or else she will feel cold. Armaan pushes her away and throw the dhuppatta on her face. He says that he is aware she was behind this all. He vented out his anger at her. He takes Aasmaa from there. Alia thinks that today’s mission completed. Armaan helps Aasmaa to take a shower. They have a romance under the shower. Later, Raja regrets for his mistakes. Armaan consoles him. He asks him who asked him to pour the water on Aasmaa. He says that Alia asked him to do like that to thank Aasmaa. Armaan fumes with a rage. Aasmaa stops him and says that she will give an answer to Alia for this. She asks him to calm down. Meanwhile, Alia is dancing in her room to celebrate her victory. Aasmaa comes there taking a pot in her hand.

Aasmaa poured water on Alia and breaks the pot on the floor. Alia asks her what have she done? Aasma says that she just returned the same thing to her. She was happy to see others in a pain. Alia says that she poured kerosene on her. She says that she can’t kill her. Aasmaa says let’s play. She closes the door. Alia says that she is her sister she shouldn’t kill her. Aasmaa asks her to plead with her. She says that she will call the family members or dad. He will take her back home. Alia pleads with her. Aasmaa played a prank on her. Alia is scared to the death. Aasmaa asks her if she thinks she is a worst person like Alia. She can’t kill someone. She can’t kill her sister. She isn’t a worst person like her. She just added kerosene to make her smell it. She warned her to stop playing with her family or else she won’t hesitate to kill her next time.
Sukhi recalls the way Ekam insulted him. Rano brings food for him. She asks him to eat it. He scolds her and pushes her down. Aasmaa hears the sound. Chachi says that he started again. Sukhi says that he doesn’t want to see her face. Aasmaa excuses them to check her. She is shocked to see that scene there.

Episode end

Rano takes promise from Aasmaa